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How To Treat Burns After Microderm and 70% Glycolic on Fair Skin Black Female?

I am fair skin black woman who had microderm and 70% glycolic done at the same time. The microderm was aggressive and the peel stayed on for about 5... READ MORE

Dark Brown Patch After Glycolic Peel

I am Indian, 38 years old. I got 5% glycolic peel on 27th April /10, but i have dark brown patch on my cheeks. but it is not burning or itching. that... READ MORE

Please someone help me. Is this permanent damage? (Photo)

I recently I used a 14% glycolic acid on my face and neck for chemical exfoliation over the counter product and I forgot to use sunscreen. Now my face... READ MORE

I did a 30% Glycolic peel for mild acne scars and it burned my skin. Can it be fixed or is it permanent damage? (Photo)

I have gotten done AHA peels in the past (twice), so I did a 30% glycol peel myself. I put the first layer for about one minute and a second layer for... READ MORE

Any Permanent Damage in Glycolic Acid 25% Peel?

I have got a Glycolic Acid peel done in days (2003) where there was Liquid based peeling solution used versus the gel based which is available today.... READ MORE

10% Glycolic Acid Cream Burn on Face, How to treat? Is it permanent? (photo)

I did a glycolic acid cream treatment to my face with a 10% cream. The next day I did a routine bleaching for my dark face hair. These scabs then... READ MORE

Do copper peptides cause permanent damage?

I've recently used a glycolic peel, followed by a serum containing copper peptides, and developed festoons since doing it 10 days ago. I've used acid... READ MORE

Glycolic acid 50% is embedded and still active and burning skin after 2 years. Is this damage permanent or can it be fixed?

In 2012 I started rigorous towel massages on my head after reading about it on a hairloss site. I also read about the success a user had with 50%... READ MORE

Sagging 'puffiness' after glycolic peel followed by hyaluronic copper peptide serum. Any suggestions?

I'm worried about an acid peel kit I've used. Used it 3 weeks ago no problem, used the included hyaluronic /copper peptide serum twice on it's own,... READ MORE

Glycolic peel and inadvertent sun exposure, am I going to have permanent discoloration?

I did a glycolic peel spot treatment over a pimple on my back/shoulder, it ended up burning me, I sat on my porch for a couple of minutes today to... READ MORE

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