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1 Day Post Glycolic Peel: Is it Normal to Have Red Spots and Tingling?

Hi, I Had a Slight Glycolic Peel Yesterday and noticed a few red burned spots on my cheeks and are still there this morning. still felt tingling... READ MORE

70% Glycolic Acid Peel with Mild Psoriasis on Face

I am a 32 year old male with mild psoriasis on my forehead just below hairline and two small areas on cheeks. It is well controlled with steroid... READ MORE

Dark Brown Patch After Glycolic Peel

I am Indian, 38 years old. I got 5% glycolic peel on 27th April /10, but i have dark brown patch on my cheeks. but it is not burning or itching. that... READ MORE

I got burned from 30% glycolic acid peel. Will it go away and the pigmentation fade?

I'm really freaking out I did a 30% glycolic acid peel yesterday and it burned my skin now my cheeks have like brown/red patches. they don't hurt but... READ MORE

I have done a home glycolic peel at 35% and my feels scaly in patches, why is this?

I have mild to moderate acne, I regularly have a 10% peel but decided to up it. I only left it on for 2mins & neutralised, it felt warm for a few... READ MORE

Will this red mark on my upper right cheek left from a 20% glycolic peel be gone and be back to normal? (Photo)

I applied 20% glycolic acid solution on my face for four days. And on my upper right cheek, a red mark which has a size of my thumb mark was left.... READ MORE

Applied 40% glycolic peel. Now have red/dark brown splotchy marks on cheeks. Will this scar or heal? Should I see a derm?(Photo)

Applied it last night for 5 min. Burned a lot on cheeks but expected this since its acid. Washed it off using baking soda/water combo. Immediately... READ MORE

I have black scabs from 30% percent glycolic peel & microderm. Any suggestions?

I am a dark skin woman who has black scabs from glycolic peel and microderm treatment on my cheek. I was told to use aloe and keep it moisturized also... READ MORE

Any suggestions on a good face wash, moisturizer after peeling?

Hi sir I have many dark spots left by acne on cheeks so I tried everything but it didn't fade.I got to know about chemical peel at home so I m... READ MORE

I think glycolic/BP burned my skin. What else can I put on my cheeks to help heal them?

Hi, last week I used a glycolic acid cleanser and a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel. A day afterwards I started feeling a burning sensation on my cheeks.... READ MORE

Bad Chemical Peel?

I had my chemical peel 2 weeks back and now i have dark brown spots on my cheeks where the skin was crusted the most. When will these brown spots be... READ MORE

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation from using 10% DDF Glycolic Toning Complex

I was using DDF Glycolic Toning Complex daily. Last May I was in the sun & developed PIH on just 1 cheek. Tried for about 8 mos using Vit C,... READ MORE

will this dark scarring/spoton my cheek ever fade away? (photo)

My doctor did a glycolic peel on my face four weeks ago. the scarring is stressing me out as it does not appear to go away. I went back to my doctor 2... READ MORE

What should I do or use to make it stop hurting so bad? (Photo)

I washed my face with glycolic acid n now my face is burning and red. It also looks like I have little hole in my cheeks. What is that READ MORE

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