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Transgender Woman: Best Way to Achieve More Hips and Buttocks?

I am a transgender woman and i struggle with having a more female or a more hourglass body shape. Right now i feel i have a squarish body frame. I... READ MORE

Best Profile Implants for Flat-Chested Transgender MTF?

I am udergoing a Breast Augmentation in few weeks. I have talked to 3 doctors in a day but then they give me confusion in which profile implants i... READ MORE

I Am a MtF Transgender Wanting Breast Implants - Options?

I would like to go as big as possible however I do not have a large amount of breast tissue and would preferably go over the muscle because of... READ MORE

I'm Transgender and Have Saline Implants Plus I'm Lactating. Why is This?

I was on premarin and provera for a year and had a large A cup.although my doctor said my breast were growing faster thn he thought they would I dont... READ MORE

Doctors Discriminate Against Transgenders Wanting Breast Augmentation

I would like to have breast augmentaion done but it seems like a lot of Doctors discriminant against transgenders. You have all sworn "THE... READ MORE

FTM Transgender - What are the Effects of Hormones on Breasts?

Firstly, I'm a trans male (FTM) and unfortunately I have a D cup. Top surgery is too expensive right now, but I plan on starting hormones soon.... READ MORE

Best Implant Size for 6'1? (photo)

I am a 30 year old MtF transgender woman. I currently have between 36-38 A cup breasts with a 13.5cm breast diameter. I would like to go up to a large... READ MORE

Butt Lift For Transgender Paitent. MTF

Hey Doctors, Im a MTF Transgender needing to know if I were to have a brazilian butt lift would I loose any fat injected into me because of my gym... READ MORE

I Am a Mtf Transgendered Person Looking for a Doctor in New England, I Live in NH

I am looking to have breast augmentation and searching for a qualified local surgeon who is experienced with male to female transgender breast... READ MORE

How to Have a Smaller Waist and More Curves on Hips and Butt?

Hello Im a transgender woman that will like to have a more feminine body more curves smaller waist bigger hips and butt i live in miami and I'm afraid... READ MORE

I Am a Ftm Transsexual Interested in Top Surgery but I Do Not Want my Nipples Changed?

Is it possible to have top surgery without having the nipples removed, revised, or graphed on? I enjoy the sensation in my nipples and do not want to... READ MORE

I Am Looking to Have Breast Augmentation and Searching for a Qualified Surgeon In Algeria

Iam a nex transgender and am having self hormonal thyrapy ,I am looking to have breast augmentation and searching for a qualified local surgeon who is... READ MORE

Transgender-experienced Doctors in Northeast for Breast Augmentation?

I'm an MtF transgender woman interested in having breast augmentation. Ideally, I'd like to go to a doctor who has experience with -- or even... READ MORE

I'm 5'10-5'11, Transgender. ACup - 800cc Moderate Plus Profile, Too Big? (photo)

I'm 5'10-5'11, Transgender. ACup. 42inch Around My Chest, My Nipple Are 10inch Apart, Is 800cc Mod+ Too Big For My First Breast Augmentation Surgery?? READ MORE

Question about Breast Augmentation with fat on transgenders

I have just started an MTF procedure and just started taking hormones. I've been looking to do a fat suction from my stomach and love handles and the... READ MORE

Best Methods for Losing Mass in the Upperbody for an MtF Transgender?

I am 6'2" currently weighing 255#. I have been on a feminizing hrt regimen since May 2012. I am working out using cardio exercises as my main source... READ MORE

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