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I Am a MtF Transgender Wanting Breast Implants - Options?

I would like to go as big as possible however I do not have a large amount of breast tissue and would preferably go over the muscle because of... READ MORE

Transgender male to female who wants to achieve an hourglass body?

What will be the easiest way to achieve an hour glass body for transgender woman like me? And regarding with Liposuction which one is better the... READ MORE

What will I go through exactly to become a male? And on average how much will that cost? (Photo)

If it makes a difference, I'm 16 years old. I want to be a male; I'm female. READ MORE

Is there a breast surgery for transgender women?

Hello my name is Alex and I am going to be a women when I turned 18 and I want to get to breast surgery. And I was talking to the cosmetic surgeon and... READ MORE

I am a Transgendered M->F and I Need to Prevent Breast Growth, What Can Be Done?

Antiandrogens and estrogen will be administered on 3/30/2012 by medical health professionals, however i don't wish to grow breasts. i would like... READ MORE

I am genderfluid (biologically female) and I want to have both a penis and a vagina.

If i dont take hormones but I get surgery to have a penis, but leave the vagina open, will my gspot still feel good when my boyfriend has sex with me?... READ MORE

What I should do/get because of my situation? Can I have them done this large, before 18? (Photo)

I'm a 5'4" 17 y/o trans female. I've been on estrogen for 1.5 years. I have been living as a female for 3. I have a unique situation. I've been using... READ MORE

Can plastic surgery be so well done that it can change a person's identity completely? (Photo)

I am a transgender male to female, The hormones alone will change and shape my features, but what if I don't get a desired look from them. Can plastic... READ MORE

I am man that would like to have breast. Are implants my best option?

How do I approach a doctor with this? Are implants my best option? READ MORE

Male to Female Transition. Can anyone guide me regarding to the Hormonal medicines which I can start with?

I am 32 Year old Male. From childhood, always I use to feel and behave like girl. I am not able live with the male body. I am planning to start the... READ MORE

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