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Breasts Implants for Men

Im looking in to the mentor adjustable fill ones and i need a doctor that can work on men im not a transgender at most crossdress i would say i wear... READ MORE

What is the most appropriate weight before starting the MTF transition?

Should I start transition with weight, which is appropriate for women or for men and reduce weight later. What is the best for 43 years male,... READ MORE

MTF Transgender, 5'7" and 185lb. 700-750cc implants?

I am 5'7" and 185 lbs. I am a mtf transgender individual and I was advised to do between 700-750 CC's. Is this correct? READ MORE

Transgender beast implants. Looking for the best doctors close to Tennessee.

I wonted to know which doctors do transgenders beast implants also whom take united medical credit. if there anyway I can have surgery as soon ass... READ MORE

Question about Breast Augmentation with fat on transgenders

I have just started an MTF procedure and just started taking hormones. I've been looking to do a fat suction from my stomach and love handles and the... READ MORE

Is it possible to get implants with having to have a Benelli lift? Will a Benelli lift work with a large gel implant? (photo)

I am a mtf transsexual, and I am interested in getting breast augmentation. By natural breast got this large from years of hormone therapy, but I feel... READ MORE

Can I have several cosmetic surgeries done at the same time anywhere?

HI! first time using this site but i used it a lot by looking at Dr's and surgeons answering questions and i thought id give it a try. I am a MTF from... READ MORE

Will inducing lactation before my breasts are fully developed have negative consequences?

I am a Male to Female transgender. I want to induce lactation but my breasts have yet to fully develop (doctor said another year or so) If I induce... READ MORE

Doctors in Georgia that have experience with V-Line chin and jaw contouring, to feminize facial structure or FFS experience?

After care, healing time, general cost, and concerns. Continuing my MTF transition and would like to begin with my jaw and chin. READ MORE

I am a 28 yr old male that has been cross dressing for nearly 10 years but I wish to get mtf implants to feel complete.

5'11" 165 lbs with 36" chest. Lean and trim but wanting to have a full C cup. Attached photos are with prosthetics which have been a part of my life... READ MORE

Is above or below muscle the best approach for a MtF transgender patient with breast tissue? (Photo)

Hello!! I have had 2 consultations with two different recommendations. One was to go submuscular with a lift of some sort and the other was... READ MORE

im transgender male to female and heard there was new voice surgery that has better results then the old way?

Im transgender male to female and head there was new voice surgery that has better results then the old way. so is there a new surgery or is it the... READ MORE

Can I as a male to female pre-op patient buy estrogen implants on the internet without prescription to insert myself at home?

Can I as a male to female pre-op patient buy estrogen implants on the internet without prescription to insert myself at home? I would like details... READ MORE

What I should do/get because of my situation? Can I have them done this large, before 18? (Photo)

I'm a 5'4" 17 y/o trans female. I've been on estrogen for 1.5 years. I have been living as a female for 3. I have a unique situation. I've been using... READ MORE

Why can't a male pelvis be modified using existing materials and techniques to approximate the shape of a female pelvis?

Surgeons can reconstruct a smashed pelvis with pins, plates, and other materials. MtF transgender women are desperate for a procedure that will yield... READ MORE

Is it ok to take saw palmeto Instead of spironolactone to block androgen for MTF Transgender? (Photo)

Hi Im trans women 45 years old, and i want to go with herbal hrt mtf, is it ok and enough to take saw palmeto Instead of spironolactone to block... READ MORE

Do I really need to take hormones for MTF surgery when getting just a Vaginoplastly? (photo)

I already look a act and take on the role of a female. But I'm afraid to take hormones because I'm afraid if shtf in this country/world, ect that I... READ MORE

How long does it typically take trans women to start seeing results with HRT (hormone replacement therapy)?

For example, how long does it take on average for hips to widen and breasts to start growing? READ MORE

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