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Best Implant Size for 6'1? (photo)

I am a 30 year old MtF transgender woman. I currently have between 36-38 A cup breasts with a 13.5cm breast diameter. I would like to go up to a large... READ MORE

Butt Lift For Transgender Paitent. MTF

Hey Doctors, Im a MTF Transgender needing to know if I were to have a brazilian butt lift would I loose any fat injected into me because of my gym... READ MORE

I Am a Mtf Transgendered Person Looking for a Doctor in New England, I Live in NH

I am looking to have breast augmentation and searching for a qualified local surgeon who is experienced with male to female transgender breast... READ MORE

What Cosmetic Procedures Should I Do to Achieve a More Feminine Look? (Mtf Transgender)

Hello everyone, I'm a MTF transsexual, wondering what cosmetic procedures could I do to make myself look more feminine? I don't want to look animated,... READ MORE

Gender Re-assignment Surgery, Is this Normally Performed by a PS or a Specialist?

Is gender re-assignment surgery performed by a regular plastic surgeon or does it require a specialist. If so are there any specialists in the United... READ MORE

I Am Looking to Have Breast Augmentation and Searching for a Qualified Surgeon In Algeria

Iam a nex transgender and am having self hormonal thyrapy ,I am looking to have breast augmentation and searching for a qualified local surgeon who is... READ MORE

Breast implants for male to female before starting on hormones for an older than 50 person?

I will soon be starting to transition from male to female and want to know if it is possible to have breast augmentation before I can start on... READ MORE

Is a transsexual breast augmentation with tissue expander possible?

Hi, how are you? I'm 18 years old, MTF (male-to-female transsexual), and would like to get breast augmentation. I want to use a tissue expander before... READ MORE

Cloned parts for male to female transformations, are they real?

If you took the cells from a Male and cloned them but only added female hormones to them, then surgically replaced the ones from the male after HRT... READ MORE

Transgender-experienced Doctors in Northeast for Breast Augmentation?

I'm an MtF transgender woman interested in having breast augmentation. Ideally, I'd like to go to a doctor who has experience with -- or even... READ MORE

Best Methods for Losing Mass in the Upperbody for an MtF Transgender?

I am 6'2" currently weighing 255#. I have been on a feminizing hrt regimen since May 2012. I am working out using cardio exercises as my main source... READ MORE

I Am a Transexusl Mtf I Looked Up on How to Change to a Full Female What is the Full Process?

I am mtf i was wondering were i could get the hormone estreogen i heard birth control has alot will plan b work 2?also can i get breast implants... READ MORE

I Want to Make my Mtf Transition. How Do It?

I'am 19 Years Old Srilankan Boy..  I Want to Make my Mtf Transition. How Do It? READ MORE

MtF Transgender Searching for Partial Grs Surgery?

Pardon abbrev. no room. I am 43, MtF, HRT for years, + have BA. No full GRS as not satisfied with the current "vagina" med. science able to create.... READ MORE

I am a Transgendered M->F and I Need to Prevent Breast Growth, What Can Be Done?

Antiandrogens and estrogen will be administered on 3/30/2012 by medical health professionals, however i don't wish to grow breasts. i would like... READ MORE

Will inducing lactation before my breasts are fully developed have negative consequences?

I am a Male to Female transgender. I want to induce lactation but my breasts have yet to fully develop (doctor said another year or so) If I induce... READ MORE

Labiaplasty INSTEAD of GRS?

I am a MtF transwoman seeking labiaplasty without a full GRS. Essentially take my scrotum (and or skin grafts etc.) and make it look like the inner... READ MORE

Doctors in Georgia that have experience with V-Line chin and jaw contouring, to feminize facial structure or FFS experience?

After care, healing time, general cost, and concerns. Continuing my MTF transition and would like to begin with my jaw and chin. READ MORE

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