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Will my Chest Flatten During HRT(FtM)?

I'm a 22 y/o Trans Man about to start Hormone therapy. I have (luckily) a little under a AA cup breast-size, will the HRT flatten them completely... READ MORE

Breast implants for male to female before starting on hormones for an older than 50 person?

I will soon be starting to transition from male to female and want to know if it is possible to have breast augmentation before I can start on... READ MORE

Question about Breast Augmentation with fat on transgenders

I have just started an MTF procedure and just started taking hormones. I've been looking to do a fat suction from my stomach and love handles and the... READ MORE

I Am a Transexusl Mtf I Looked Up on How to Change to a Full Female What is the Full Process?

I am mtf i was wondering were i could get the hormone estreogen i heard birth control has alot will plan b work 2?also can i get breast implants... READ MORE

I am a Transgendered M->F and I Need to Prevent Breast Growth, What Can Be Done?

Antiandrogens and estrogen will be administered on 3/30/2012 by medical health professionals, however i don't wish to grow breasts. i would like... READ MORE

I am gay male, living with a male long time, would like to feminize

Please let me know what harmones should I use for pre-op mtf ? enhance boobs - removal of hair, reduce / redistribute body fat ? Thanks READ MORE

Do I really need to take hormones for MTF surgery when getting just a Vaginoplastly? (photo)

I already look a act and take on the role of a female. But I'm afraid to take hormones because I'm afraid if shtf in this country/world, ect that I... READ MORE

Can plastic surgery be so well done that it can change a person's identity completely? (Photo)

I am a transgender male to female, The hormones alone will change and shape my features, but what if I don't get a desired look from them. Can plastic... READ MORE

How should I go about asking fo hormone replacements?

I want to become a women and want estrogen how should i go about getting a prescription for them? READ MORE

I want to have Breast Augmentation. I am male, and I would like to have breast augmentation, 36c cup.

I am male, and I would like to have breast augmentation, 36c cup. Is it necessary to be on female hormones to have this surgery. Thank you. READ MORE

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