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Female-to-male transition questions?

Alright. I am a young man trapped in a young woman's body, and I am likely going to start hormone therapy within the next month. Of course, I have the... READ MORE

I want my inner vaginal lips made smaller & to have my clitoris extended into a functional penis. What are the costs? (photo)

I'm 18, live in SoCal, and have wanted this for a long time. My vaginal lips are kinda big and I don't think it looks very pretty. I want the inner... READ MORE

How much does it typically cost to transition from female to male?

I am 18 years old and a transgender. I have wanted to go through testosterone treatments and a sex change since I was 13. I will have to pay for all... READ MORE

What would be the cost for a revision? (Photo)

Hello I previously had ftm surgery with another Surgeon and was displeased with my results. I'm wondering if you could do a revision and the cost. I... READ MORE

What is the Appx. Minimum Cost for FTM Phalloplasty W/ Urethral Lengthening & Inflatable Prosthesis?

I am looking to undergo "bottom" surgery for gender dysphoria later in the year. I'm just wondering what the minimum is I would have to pay for a... READ MORE

Cost for SRS?

I'm a MTF transexual and am curious about the price for a sex change. I've seen some prices but they seem to be from Thailand and such even then I... READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost?

How long is the recovery? READ MORE

I want to have surgery to give myself a flat chest. How much would this cost?

I am a tomboy, a very extremely boyish tomboy. I'd even go so far as to call myself a transgender, but I'm not interested in getting a full gender... READ MORE

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