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I Am a MtF Transgender Wanting Breast Implants - Options?

I would like to go as big as possible however I do not have a large amount of breast tissue and would preferably go over the muscle because of... READ MORE

Breasts Implants for Men

Im looking in to the mentor adjustable fill ones and i need a doctor that can work on men im not a transgender at most crossdress i would say i wear... READ MORE

Doctors Discriminate Against Transgenders Wanting Breast Augmentation

I would like to have breast augmentaion done but it seems like a lot of Doctors discriminant against transgenders. You have all sworn "THE... READ MORE

FTM Transgender - What are the Effects of Hormones on Breasts?

Firstly, I'm a trans male (FTM) and unfortunately I have a D cup. Top surgery is too expensive right now, but I plan on starting hormones soon.... READ MORE

I Am a Mtf Transgendered Person Looking for a Doctor in New England, I Live in NH

I am looking to have breast augmentation and searching for a qualified local surgeon who is experienced with male to female transgender breast... READ MORE

What's my Best Surgical Option for Gynecomastia/FTM Top Surgery? (photo)

Hello, I previously posted a question about laser liposuction and trying to figure out if it was possible to have surgery with a desired result using... READ MORE

I Am a Ftm Transsexual Interested in Top Surgery but I Do Not Want my Nipples Changed?

Is it possible to have top surgery without having the nipples removed, revised, or graphed on? I enjoy the sensation in my nipples and do not want to... READ MORE

I Am Looking to Have Breast Augmentation and Searching for a Qualified Surgeon In Algeria

Iam a nex transgender and am having self hormonal thyrapy ,I am looking to have breast augmentation and searching for a qualified local surgeon who is... READ MORE

Is a transsexual breast augmentation with tissue expander possible?

Hi, how are you? I'm 18 years old, MTF (male-to-female transsexual), and would like to get breast augmentation. I want to use a tissue expander before... READ MORE

I am a Transgendered M->F and I Need to Prevent Breast Growth, What Can Be Done?

Antiandrogens and estrogen will be administered on 3/30/2012 by medical health professionals, however i don't wish to grow breasts. i would like... READ MORE

I am a 28 yr old male that has been cross dressing for nearly 10 years but I wish to get mtf implants to feel complete.

5'11" 165 lbs with 36" chest. Lean and trim but wanting to have a full C cup. Attached photos are with prosthetics which have been a part of my life... READ MORE

Transgender-experienced Doctors in Northeast for Breast Augmentation?

I'm an MtF transgender woman interested in having breast augmentation. Ideally, I'd like to go to a doctor who has experience with -- or even... READ MORE

I am gay male, living with a male long time, would like to feminize

Please let me know what harmones should I use for pre-op mtf ? enhance boobs - removal of hair, reduce / redistribute body fat ? Thanks READ MORE

What is the most appropriate weight before starting the MTF transition?

Should I start transition with weight, which is appropriate for women or for men and reduce weight later. What is the best for 43 years male,... READ MORE

Is above or below muscle the best approach for a MtF transgender patient with breast tissue? (Photo)

Hello!! I have had 2 consultations with two different recommendations. One was to go submuscular with a lift of some sort and the other was... READ MORE

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