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Can I Have Junk Food in Moderation After Bariatric Surgery?

I know there is a diet to follow, but is there any room for an occasional slice of pizza, chips, etc.? READ MORE

Can You Eat "Liquid" Foods Such As Soup After a Gastric Bypass?

I've been advised that you can't drink with meals after a gastric bypass as it makes the food pass through the pouch too quickly. I know this... READ MORE

After Gastric Bypass advised not to eat Rice, Popcorn, Coconut. That particle would get caught in my staple. Is this possible?

This, I was told, was for fear particle would get caught in my staple line in the new stomach. Is this still possible 10 years later or do you think... READ MORE

Can you get a gastric bypass to shrink back to normal size?

It has been three years and the last 8-12 months I can eat a normal size meal. READ MORE

Does the Gastric Pouch Shrink Back?

Does the pouch shrink back if i start to eat my post surgery diet or am I just back to pre surgery struggles? READ MORE

No Stricture After RNY but I Have All the Same Symptoms Any Ideas?

I had rny 8-22-11 i had one stricture fixed by 9-18. Three days later I had the same symptoms as before but today when they went in the dr said their... READ MORE

How Long After Gastric Bypass Surgery Can You Eat Bread?

I am 7/8 months from having surgery when can I eat bread ? READ MORE

How Should I Space my Meals After a Gastric Bypass Operation?

Is it better to eat less, but snack throughout the day? READ MORE

Had Gastric Bypass But Still Eat Normal Amount?

Had Gastric Bypass but Can Still Eat As Normal Have Had Camera Down Surgeon Says Food is Straight Through and Holding in the Stomach but I never feel... READ MORE

After weight loss surgery, why does our body go through stalls, even when we're doing everything correctly?

I had gastric sleeve surgery on June 18. I've lost 13 pounds so far and 13 inches...this is wonderful and I'm very pleased. However, I've been in a... READ MORE

I had a RNY revision 11/19/14, have no restriction or loss of appetite as with my initial RNY. Is this normal? (photo)

Initial (open) RNY in 2002 @ 400 # (5'9"). Lost 175 lbs, by 2014 had gained 115 #. Stunned post-revision I had no restriction or loss of appetite. I... READ MORE

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