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How soon after Gastric Bypass can I have a glass of beer or wine?

Is it okay for someone who has had gastric bypass surgery to consume a glass of wine from time to time? How much alcohol is dangerous? READ MORE

Can I Have Junk Food in Moderation After Bariatric Surgery?

I know there is a diet to follow, but is there any room for an occasional slice of pizza, chips, etc.? READ MORE

Can I Get Pregnant After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

I can't eat for two - I don't even eat for one. Will the dietary restrictions and vitamin supplements post-surgery affect my ability to get... READ MORE

How Long Will I Need to Be on a Liquid Diet for Before and After Bariatric Surgery?

I know that a liquid diet is a requirement after surgery, I've also heard that I will need to be on one pre-surgery. What I want to know is how... READ MORE

Laxatives Before Gastric Bypass Surgery?

If I go on a liquid diet several days before my gastric bypass, how will this affect the need for harsh laxatives taken 24-48 hours in advance? READ MORE

Gastric Bypass and then a Pregnancy Diet?

How should I anticipate that my diet during pregnancy will be different? How will that affect my weight loss from gastric bypass surgery? Does this... READ MORE

Am I Required to See a Dietician Before Gastric Bypass?

And, if so, do most surgeons have one on-staff on do I need to go somewhere else and get "cleared" before the doctor will operate on me? READ MORE

Do I Need to Do a Mandatory Diet Program Before Gastric Bypass?

My surgeon usually requires a mandatory lifestyle course where patients learn about diet and exercise. However, he's said he's going to exempt... READ MORE

Financing and insurance coverage on Gastric Bypass Surgery?

I am a 24 year old female, 5'9'' tall, and I weigh 255 pounds. Despite dieting and exercising when I can. I am never able to loose more than a few... READ MORE

Will I Ever Be Able to Drink Carbonated Soda After Bariatric Surgery?

How many months after bariatric surgery will I be able to have a soda pop? If I drink soda too soon and it stretches the pouch, is that irreversible? READ MORE

What's the Average Daily Amount of Calories for a Gastric Bypass Diet Plan?

Is this calculated based on gender and height? What would be the daily calories after surgery for a 5'7" female in her 30's? Do you stay... READ MORE

Ten Years Post Bariatric Surgery -- How Do I Now Determine Diet/calorie Goals?

Ten years ago I had Roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery. I lost approximately 90 lbs. In the past 2 years I've regained 20 and I am trying to lose... READ MORE

How Long After Gastric Bypass Surgery Can You Eat Bread?

I am 7/8 months from having surgery when can I eat bread ? READ MORE

What Foods Should I Avoid After Having a Gastric Bypass?

I know that I can't eat everything I used to and that I should cut down on high fat and high sugar foods. However, I wanted to know if there were... READ MORE

Maintain my Results After Having the Gastric Bypass Surgery?

What type of people are the most successful at maintaining weight loss after gastric bypass surgery? Is personality type an important factor in a... READ MORE

Can I Naturally Reshrink my Pouch After Gaining Some of my Post Bypass Weight Back?

Had RNY surgery 2001 lost 90lbs have gained back 45. Can i reshrink my pouch with diet? should i increase protein? balding is so bad but very... READ MORE

What is a Reasonable Diet After Bariatric Surgery?

What is an appropriate and healthy diet that most doctors recommend for the months after surgery? READ MORE

How Should I Space my Meals After a Gastric Bypass Operation?

Is it better to eat less, but snack throughout the day? READ MORE

What Are Daily Calories for a Gastric Bypass Diet Plan?

Do I need to start practicing this caloric intake before the surgery? READ MORE

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