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Gastric Bypass with Hernia Repair - Can It Be Done at the Same Time?

If not, how long should I wait? The hernia is painful and swollen so I'd like to get it fixed ASAP. READ MORE

How Much Weight Can I Feasibly Lose Without a Gastric Bypass?

I'm quite heavy (500 pounds) and have been thinking of having a gastric bypass, but it seems so drastic and final to me. Can I feasibly lose... READ MORE

Would SmartLipo work to remove and tighten Thigh "Sacks"?

I have triangular sacks of skin and fat that are in my inner thighs. No matter how much gym time etc. these areas go not tone and run together. At 31... READ MORE

Am I too obese (480 lbs 5 ft 9 inches tall) to have gastric bypass surgery?

I am currently 27 years old and heart disease runs in my family. I have tried the Insanity workout program since January 1st 2014 and I only lost... READ MORE

Can I have gastric bypass surgery at 5ft 9in and 480lbs or would sleeve gastrectomy be a better option?

I am currently 27 years old I'll turn 28 in July. I am 5ft 9in tall and weigh 480lbs. I am currently set to have a consulation with a bariatric... READ MORE

What kind of loose skin will I have after 60kg weight loss with Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB) surgery age 33 height 6 feet.?

I weigh around 167 kilos (weight is evenly divided across my body I mean there is no one very fat body area but overall) and am planning to go for a... READ MORE

California doctor recommendations for post-bariatric surgery (pro bono?)

I have lost over 130 pounds over the past 6 years. I eat healthier, take my vitamins, excercise everyday and nothing seems to help when it comes to... READ MORE

What's the Average Daily Amount of Calories for a Gastric Bypass Diet Plan?

Is this calculated based on gender and height? What would be the daily calories after surgery for a 5'7" female in her 30's? Do you stay... READ MORE

Vitamins Deficiency?

I am 28 years old male. I had Mini Gastric Bypass surgery two years ago. I went from 350lbs to 199lbs. I talked to my doctor and he asked med to do a... READ MORE

Im looking at getting the gastric sleeve. Where should I start? I'm 5'7", 230 LBS with a BMI of 36 (Photo)

I'm 5'7 my weight is 230 pounds my BMI is 36.0 my age 27 ever since I was a young child I'v been big. I'v tried almost every thing to loss weight and... READ MORE

Im 34 Had Tubal Litigatio 3 Yrs Ago N Gastric Bypass 2 Yrs Ago. I'm 2 Wks Late W my Period.Whats the Chances of Being Pregnant?

Im 34 Had Tubal Litigatio 3 Yrs Ago N Gastric Bypass 2 Yrs Ago. I'm 2 Wks Late W my Period.Whats the Chances of Being Pregnant? READ MORE

Would Gastric Bypass Be an Option for Me?

Hello. I am a 34 year old female with 8 children. I have had 2 c-sections. 1 in 2003 with a set of twins and the other in 2010( single birth) After I... READ MORE

Why my Husband Keep Losing Weight After So Long?

My husband had surgery 12 years ago. He lost and kept the weight off. He is 33 years old and had surgery because he had a serious problem in his hip.... READ MORE

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