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Weight Gain After Bariatric Surgery

I had Gastric bypass surgery a year ago, and I am now gaining the weight back. How can I restart my weight loss? READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Sagging Skin After Gastric Bypass and Weight Loss?

I had gastric bypass and my skin sags now. Where it folds (abdomen, thighs, arms), I get infections and painful rashses, and I'm looking for ways... READ MORE

How Much Does Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost?

Please help me understand what kind of costs are involved with the gastric bypass surgery process. READ MORE

Do Gastric Bypass Patients Usually Die 10-15 Years After Surgery? Is This True?

I read this somewhere and i am considering having surgery, think it was due to problems in nutritional deficiencies. can you help clarify? thanks. READ MORE

Gastric Bypass Revision Cost

I had bypass surgery 5 years ago they did it by lap. unfortunately they did not make the sac small enough and I did not loose the weight I wanted. I... READ MORE

Possible to Have Second Gastric Bypass Surgery?

I had gastric bypass surgery 30 years ago. I received no follow-up support. The surgery was reversed about 8 years later. I had lost a lot of weight... READ MORE

Stricture Symptoms - How Do I Know if I Have a Stricture?

I'm having trouble keeping food down 7 weeks post-op. Is that a symptom of stricture or normal recovery? READ MORE

1 in 50 Gastric Bypass Patients Die Within 1 Month - True?

This statistic scares me. I have read this and want to know if it's true, and why. My surgeon says he has a 1 in 300 death rate, but that's... READ MORE

Smoking and Gastric Bypass Surgery

My doctor said point blank that he doesn't operate on smokers but he doesn't care if you start smoking again after surgery. Why? What are the... READ MORE

Hanging Skin After Gastric Bypass. Will Medicare Pay if Rashes Occur?

I had gastric bypass and now I have horrible hanging skin everywhere.I have rashes under my belly, under arms and my breast are sagging with rashes,... READ MORE

Do All Post-Bariatric Patients Need Plastic Surgery?

My insurance will cover bariatric surgery (I'm in the morbidly obese category) but I know I'm likely to need reconstructive tummy tuck or lift... READ MORE

Would Insurance Cover a Tummy Tuck After Gastric Bypass?

I Had Gastic Bypass Surgery in Nov 2010 Have Saggy Breast and Inner Tights and Need a Tummy Tuck Will my Insurance Cover It READ MORE

How Much Weight Will I Lose After a Gastric Bypass?

I have quite a lot of weight to lose, probably around 300lbs. How much am I likely to lose after having a gastric bypass? READ MORE

Will Gastric Bypass Help my Underactive Thyroid (Hypothyroidism)?

Can my condition be improved by getting bypass surgery? READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Gastric Banding and Gastric Bypass?

I'd like to know how is gastric banding different from gastric bypass? Which of the two is the safest, gives you the most results, and has the least... READ MORE

Depression Following Gastric Bypass Surgery?

I've seen a lot of people on YouTube who chronicle their gastric bypass surgery and seem to go through a lot of depression after the surgery. If... READ MORE

No Bowel Movement After Gastric Bypass

What is the Duration of Time Before I Should Expect a Bowell Movement. I Have Bypass Surgery and It Has Been Going on a Week. READ MORE

What Type of Dietary System Are You Supposed to Follow After a Gastric Bypass?

After a gastric bypass is there a particular dietry system that as to be followed? Are you supposed to eat certain foods and stay away from others? Or... READ MORE

When Do I Know I Have Reached my Goal Weight for a Tummy Tuck?

I have had bariatric surgery and have lost 74lbs, I am down to 136lbs and been at that weight for about 1.5 months. More importantly I am off of my... READ MORE

Gastric Bypass Vs. Gastric Band - How to Choose?

My spouse weighs approx. 500lb and it's hard for her to exercise to get the weight off, so we're looking into weight loss surgery to help... READ MORE

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