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Fraxel Laser - How Long Does It Take to See Improvement in a Series Treatment?

I've had two Fraxel procedures, and I see little improvement.  The last Fraxel procedure was done 4 weeks ago.  Will my skin continue to... READ MORE

How Often Can I Get a Fraxel Treatment?

Is it dangerous to Fraxel treatments yearly? Is it common to have certain area of the body treated more often than others? For example, would the face... READ MORE

Is Fraxel Re:store or Re:pair the Best Treatment for my Under Eye Wrinkles?

I'm only 22 years old but I already have under eye wrinkles. What's the best treatment for these areas? READ MORE

Fraxel Vs Ulthera

Which is better? Fracxil or Ulthera And how many treatment are need? READ MORE

Number of Fraxel Treatments for Best Results on Acne Scars?

What is the maximum number of Fraxel treatments/sessions I should get to obtain the best results for my acne scars? My nurse/doctor said minimum of 4,... READ MORE

What Does the Skin Look Like from Fraxel Years Later?

Will my skin age normally after Fraxel? Will it have a different look or feel in the years to come? Does Fraxel affect the tightness of my skin? Will... READ MORE

How many Fraxel Restore treatments are needed to see results for acne scars? (photos)

I just got 3 Fraxel Restore treatments done on my face. The settings my doctor use was 45mj energy level, Treatment level 8 and 8 passes. These were... READ MORE

Can I Get Multiple Fraxel Restore Treatments That Would Equal Fraxel Repair Results?

Can you do a number of Restore treatments that would equal the Repair procedure? How would that work? READ MORE

How Many Treatments is the Limit?

I've just done 4 treatments of fraxel restore,spread about 2 months intervals,a little effect to my acne scars.I wanna to be continue,can I do... READ MORE

Treatments for Dark Complexions with Age Spots?

Is the Fraxel laser procedure the best choice for me to get clearer looking skin on my hands and face? My skin is dark. READ MORE

Why is Fraxel Laser Treatment Better Than Traditional Laser Treatment if I Am Asian?

Will fraxel be significantly more expensive than traditional laser treatments? What is the cost difference? READ MORE

Limit to the Number of Fraxel Laser Treatments?

Is there a limit to how many Fraxel Laser treatments you can have? Can you go for more or is that not a good thing? READ MORE

What is Fraxel 3D?

I read a post from a San Franciso surgeon on Fraxel lasers who said that the 3D laser treatment would be a good option for the chin/neck with no... READ MORE

Will Acne Scar Resurface if I Dont Do Fraxel Regularly?

Will Acne Scar Resurface if I Dont Do Fraxel Regularly? READ MORE

Do You Need to Get a Maintenance Fraxel Yearly?

I have had 7 fraxel treatments over a 2 year period to help with acne scars. It has been 2 years since I have had a fraxel. I'm noticing my pores... READ MORE

Which Fraxel Laser Works Best for Trauma Scars on Arm 10-15 Years Old?

I have scars on arm for 10-15 years now that were due to traumatic accident. Some of the scars look stretched out while (most) others are very small,... READ MORE

Severe reaction to Fraxel - dermatologist won't refund me. What's my course of action?

I bought a package of 4 Fraxel Restore treatments. The appt was Friday and I was told by derm that I would be able to return to work Monday. I had... READ MORE

Series of Treatment for Best Fraxel Results?

Can I expect good results from just one Fraxel treatment, or is it imperative that I have a series of treatments? READ MORE

How Long After the Initial Consultation, Would It Take to Have Fraxel Laser Therapy Completed?

I was hoping to have the procedure done before I go back to college in September. However my consultation isn't until the last week in July. The... READ MORE

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