Sun Damage + Fraxel Laser

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Could You Tell Me the Difference Between Fractora Skin Resurfacing and Fraxel Laser?

I am a 48 year old woman with sun damage and wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes. I have had 3 Fraxel treatments, but really didn't see any... READ MORE

Fraxel or Photofacial for Fine Lines?

If cost is not a factor, which would be more effective between Fraxel or Photofacial for one series of treatment for fine lines and sun damage on my... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Laser Be Used on Raised Keloid Scars Effectively?

I have scars on my chest region from a case of sun poisoning that I had as a teenager. Unfortunately, I have keloid skin and I've attempted to... READ MORE

Which Laser is Best for Wrinkles and Sun Damage - Fraxel Re:pair, Fraxel Re:store or Pixel Laser?

I am a 44 year old female with a lot of sun damage and wrinkles around my eyes (crowsfeet and under eye wrinkles). Which laser procedure is best, or... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser for Extensive Facial Actinic Keratosis?

I find the use of topical treatments (Efudix) etc quite intrusive and protracted in terms of repair. I am considering Fraxel Laser, but am not... READ MORE

Thermage Vs Fraxel Restore for Crepey Skin and Sun Damage on Legs?

I have sun damage and crepe paper type skin on both legs. I'm wondering if Thermage or Fraxel Restore would be the best treatment? I'm so confused! READ MORE

How Effective is Fraxel Laser on Sun Damage?

I have severe sun damage to my face and I am interested in Fraxel laser but would like to know more about it. Could someone please respond?Thank you, ... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Be Used on Legs to Remove Sun Damage and Repair Crepey Skin?

I have sun damage on my calves and thighs and the skin has become crepey. Will fraxel help stimulate collagen production and get rid of sun spots? READ MORE

Does Fraxel Restore Work for Above Eye Crepiness?

I'm 50yrs, have sun damage, a few lines around my eyes and mouth. What most bothers me is the creapiness above my eyes and the brown spots. What... READ MORE

Are Fraxel Restore and Elos the Same Thing?

I have tan, light olive skin. The laser lady said she would be doing Fraxel Laser for my sun damage and medium acne scarring. Apparently, Fraxel... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser Safe for SLE Patients?

I have lupus (SLE) but the only symptom I have is that I develop a skin rash in the sun without protection. I've had Fractional Laser done and... READ MORE

How Common Are Fraxel Laser Treatments for Sun Spots on Hands and Forearms?

Are there other treatments that are successful in removing age-spots besides Fraxel laser? What are the advantages of other treatments? Does Fraxel... READ MORE

Is Sun Damage After Fraxel Laser Permanent?

My face darkened from non-sunscreen use for 3 months after Fraxel treatment. Is this permanent, and would lightening creams help? READ MORE

Fraxel Laser and Active FX for Olive Skin?

I am doing loads of research and getting more and more confused about lasers such as Fraxel and ActiveFX. I have olive skin and want fix sun damage,... READ MORE

7 Fraxel Treatments Without Much Success - What Now?

I have completed 7 fraxel treatments on my back for severe sun damage without much success (maybe some fading). It has now been suggested to me that... READ MORE

Is Only One Active FX Fraxel Laser Treatment Needed for sun damaged skin?

What are the benefits of having one Active FX fraxel laser treatment? What other type of skin problems would see thebest results from Active FX?... READ MORE

Added Redness from Gemini and Fraxel Lasers- Trying To Treat Redness, Not Cause It.

I have had numerous Gemini and Fraxel laser treatments to combat redness from sun damage on my neck and decollage areas. It doesnt seem to be... READ MORE

What are the main differences of Fractional CO2 laser and Fraxel® laser?

I am 59, with sun damage and deep wrinkles to my face forehead and neck. I am looking at these procedures. Also, there is a huge discrepancy in costs.... READ MORE

My doctor has suggested 6 treatments of fractora laser will this give me the results? (photo)

I am 53 had a lift 10 years ago with an incision under my chin, I also have sun damage, Doctor seems to think I can try this laser and get away with... READ MORE

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