PIH + Fraxel Laser

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Preventing PIH After Fraxel Restore or Repair

Have there been any statistics released on the percentage of patients that end up with PIH after Fraxel Restore or Fraxel Repair? Is there anything... READ MORE

Does Retin-A Work on Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation After 1550 Fraxel Treatment?

I'm 30 years old persian female. I have developed Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation due to 1550 fraxel laser. I did the procedure about 10 months on... READ MORE

Which Treatment is Best for Post Inflammatory Pigmentation, Medlite C6 or Fraxel 1927?

Dear Doctors I am 35 years old , Asian - Skin Fitzpatrick Type 3; and have brown spot on my cheek from Post Inflammatory Pigmentation left from an... READ MORE

Future Hyperpigmentation from the Fraxel Restore

After my 3rd Restore (25,30,35) in early June, I developed PIH (overall bronzing as well) which is resolving the hydroquinone (Clear) and Nia 24. I... READ MORE

PIH or PIE After TCA. Will Fraxel Dual 1927 Help?

I stupidly self inflicted a TCA 35% peel several years ago. I now have skin discoloration. A derm has told me I do not have scarring but I do have... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for PIH to Occur, in General, if It Were to Happen, After Fraxel Treatment?

I am Asian with fair skin. I had my first fraxel done a week ago & I am now seeing a dime-sized tan spots on both of my cheeks. I've been applying... READ MORE

Fraxel dual or Q-switched Nd:YAG for unresolved PIH?

I am a skin type 4 and have a patch of pigmented skin on my face, present for around 7 years, caused by a rash which I picked at. I have tried... READ MORE

Laser Genesis and Medlite for the treatment of PIH from laser burn, feels like a waste of money. Should I try Fraxel or Ruby?

Laser burn on a bruise (bbl) under my eyes, 2 moms ago. can't use topicals bc hq and lytera cause redness. tried neucutis lumixyl but no results. i... READ MORE

Can you keep doing Fraxel Restore treatments forever?

Is Fraxel Restore still effective once you've done it 6-7 times? I am considering a second round of Fraxel Restore after a six month break, but am... READ MORE

Post-Fraxel PIH on my chest. I have type 3 Asian skin. Will it go away? I'm using hydroquinone 4% every night.

I had stretch marks on my chest. I took one session of fraxel. I hav type 3 asian skin. My chest is covered. No exposure to sun. Its been 5 months to... READ MORE

Can Fraxel CAUSE melasma to occur?If I didn't have spots on my cheek before Fraxel but now is there a chance it's PIH?(photo)

Active sun lover,do hot yoga, etc. No hx of melasma in family & had non-sensitive skin b4. Had acne scars & a pigment spot (1 round on R cheek)show up... READ MORE

Laser toning for fraxel damaged skin (photo)

I had PIH spots from acne. I went for Fraxel which caused big dark spots. I've tried many lightening creams with little success. This is mixed and... READ MORE

Will pigmentation fade eventually, 9 Months After Fraxel on Bridge of Nose?

I've had a disastrous experience after a single Fraxel restore treatment. I was left with dermal PIH on my cheeks (dark shadow-like marks). After 9... READ MORE

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