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Bumps and Blisters Normal After Fraxel Restore?

Numerous small, whitish bumps appeared approximately twelve hours after I underwent Fraxel Restore Treatment, mainly on my chin and lower cheek area.... READ MORE

Fraxel Failed to Work on my Acne Scars

Hi. I have a question regarding Acne Scars. I have undergone six sessions of Fraxel Refine to minimize or make my scars disappear, which did not... READ MORE

Fraxel Pigmentation Side Effects

I had three fraxel treatments done starting february, march, and april - all went well - but last month i noticed spots on the sides of my cheeks -... READ MORE

Brown Spots and Rough Skin After Fraxel Restore

It has been 2 days since my first Fraxel Restore treatment. My face feels like sandpaper and has a pattern of tiny brown spots on it. Is this normal,... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser - How Long Does It Take to See Improvement in a Series Treatment?

I've had two Fraxel procedures, and I see little improvement.  The last Fraxel procedure was done 4 weeks ago.  Will my skin continue to... READ MORE

Usual Setting for Fraxel Restore?

I have completed two Fraxel Restore sessions for facial scars, but I still have many scars on my face. The setting used on me was 45 mjoules. Is this... READ MORE

What Is The Normal Healing Process After Fraxel Re:Store?

I had Fraxel Re:Store on Friday around 11am so it's alittle over two days now & my skin feels like sandpaper :( I'm still a bit swollen... READ MORE

Can I Sunbathe After Fraxel Laser Treatments or Will my Skin Be Too Sensitive?

After fraxel re-store treatment how sensitive is to the sun? planning on doing the re-store treatment my main concern now is would I be able to sun... READ MORE

How to Speed Up Fraxel Laser Recovery?

I underwent the Fraxel Laser procedure two days ago (05.18.2009). I was sent home with a tube of Aquaphor, and I have a follow up appointment in two... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Brown Spots and Large Pores on Asian Skin?

I had light brown spots on the side of eyes and a skin laser spa recommended for a Fraxel treatment to improve the melasma and big pores on my... READ MORE

What Caused my Skin to Break out After Fraxel Laser Treatments?

I had Fraxel treatment done Aug 5th and I'm having alot of break outs and my skin is very oily now. What causes this? Also I had a appointment to go... READ MORE

Best Cream After Fraxel Restore and Collagen Induction Therapy?

I had fraxel II restore and collagen induction therapy(1.5mm needle) right after fraxel just 4 days ago and now its starting to peel off the burnt... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Cause an Allergic Reaction, Like Swelling ?

I did fraxel on my face in November 2010, I was really swollen, I went back to the doctor an he gave me an antiallergic injection, I had fraxel 2 days... READ MORE

Has Anyone Experienced a Crusty Brown Scabbing After Fraxel?

I got fraxel laser done on my entire face on Friday morning, it is Sunday afternoon and I still have extensive swelling all over my face, but more... READ MORE

Is It Common to Get Cold Sores After a Fraxel Treatment?

I suffered from a severe cold sore outbreak on my upper lip after my first (and probably only) Fraxel treatment. I've never experienced a cold sore... READ MORE

Still Have Redness, 4 Weeks Post-Fraxel

I have done my 1st Fraxel laser treatment for acne scars. It’s been 4 week and still have redness on cheeks, they look like they had sun burn. I... READ MORE

Can I Wear Makeup After Right After my Fraxel Procedure?

I just had my first fraxel procedure 3 days ago. I look awful, like a leopard. I can't leave the house, but am scaring myself in the mirror. Can I... READ MORE

What is the Proper Care After my First Fraxel Treatment?

Today is day 3 after my Fraxel treatment. The doctor used a level 9 only on my cheek areas and a 5-6 on the rest( she did my entire face and neck... READ MORE

Are Broken Capillaries and PIH Permanent Fraxel Side Effects?

After 5 fraxel treatments I have PIH and broken capillaries. Is this permanent? The PIH has been treated with a 6-week regimen of Tx skin care... READ MORE

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