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IPL After Non-ablative Fractional Laser?

How soon after a non-ablative fractional laser treatment can I do a photofacial (IPL) treatment? In order to be "pretty" and recovered for... READ MORE

Waiting Between Thermage, Accent XL and Fractional Resurfacing Treatments

How long do I need to wait between a Thermage/Accent XL procedure and a Fractional Resurfacing treatment such as Total FX? READ MORE

How To Best Prepare for Fractional Laser?

What is the Best Pre- Treatment Protocol for Fractional Laser? How Long Should I Wait Between Treatments? READ MORE

How Long Until I Can Resume Normal Activities After Fractional Laser?

Considering a fractional co2 laser and facial fat injections in cheeks, nasal folds and upper eyes. How long before I can play golf? READ MORE

Should I Have Fractional Laser Treatment on a Scar That is Still in the Process of Natural Healing?

I have an atrophic scar on my forehead that is only from 6 months ago. I would like to get a fractional laser procedure done to minimize the... READ MORE

Can I Bleach my Face (Use a Bleaching Cream to Bleach my Facial Hair) 1 Month After Co2 Fractional Laser Treatment?

I want to bleach my face since i have some facial hair. It is been a month since i got a co2 fractional laser treatment done. My scars have lighten... READ MORE

Can I Do a Chemical Peel After 1 Year and a Half After Fractional Laser? (photo)

I had a fractional laser done to my face for minor acne scares.. i have medium tone skin almost like olive but lighter.. well i feel that my... READ MORE

How much time to fade the blackish redness after fractional ... c02 laser??? I m 20 anything about to worry about? (photo)

I have done my stretch mark treatment on 22 days ago on my biceps with fractional CO2...my skin is still blackish red ...is this normal ...how much... READ MORE

After three monthly fractional laser treatments for scars, can I wait 12 weeks for subsequent session? (photos)

I have been getting fractional laser for thighlift and brachioplasty scars. I'd like to wait 12 weeks for fourth laser sessions to see how my skin and... READ MORE

When will I see results from Alma fractional resurfacing on stretchmarks?

I've had two rounds of fractional resurfacing on striae rubra that are 3 months old, spaced a month apart on my abdomen. I haven't seen results just... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Get Fractional Laser on Cheeks and Neck Four Days Following Rhinoplasty?

I have 3 weeks off and am trying to space out the procedures I would like to get done correctly. I had Rhinoplasty 2 days ago. I am seeing my... READ MORE

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