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Zerona worked for me. It obviously isn't for everybody. So why the debate?

  • MichelleNJ
  • 2 years ago

It worked for me.  I would recommend it at 100% Zerona may not be for every "body". My advice, ask if you are a candidate for Zerona and ask why - this is key! In spite of all the negative feedback I read online regarding Zerona. I tried it anyway. I needed to do something. I did everything else and lost a significant amount of weight but not in the belly area which left me looking pregnant!!! I tried Zerona after six sessions noticed nothing.  Thank goodness I was advised to do more than that before even starting, because I would be complaining also. I cannot believe the results afterwards and the belly is flat when I'm laying down that is :) yes, I'm even excited about that!!!  I did lose inches even in parts that I didn't need to - thighs and buttocks. I tried it; it’s expensive which is why I used it as a last resort.  Now, every time I look in the mirror I'm proud that I'm slimmer and healthier because of the loss in the waist area, and every time I look at the bill, I know what I need to do to keep this figure I have going forward.  Thank you MediSpa of Shrewsbury for being so supportive.

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We always tell our potential customers that it may not work for everyone that is why we offer a free medical consult with our qualified doctor before anyone signs up! Interestingly only about 30% of our customer take us up on that offer though. Our patients results vary from 5 cn to 31 cm with the average being 12 cm. Most of our customers get the average. I have done the treatment myself and lost 12 cm and still drank alcohol and coffee I wanted to see what result I would get before I started. We make sure though that we inform our customers before thay sign up.
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I think you'll get some really intriguing discussion here! :)

You hit on a good point: Are you a good candidate? Some providers may not be truthful there. It is hard for anyone to sell something they don't offer, so if they have a menu of Treatment A, B, and C, but you need Treatment D, will they tell you that? That's true for all procedures. Unfortunately we see stories from people where they just don't seem, in retrospect, to have been a good candidate, but they were offered the procedure anyway. It's why doctor selection and consultations (as many as necessary) are important.

I think the debate comes too when it doesn't work for everyone because they want to know why, and there isn't a clear answer yet. Even surgeries that seem "obvious" (like lipo, where fat is physically removed) aren't 100% successful. Then you contrast that with a method like Zerona that isn't as obvious (not saying it doesn't work, just that providers can't say, "I physically removed 5L from you.") and you get debate.

I don't have a horse in the race, so to speak, because I haven't had Zerona. But if I was advised to get a procedure and I didn't get results, I would want to know why, and I'd dig until I got those answers.

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