Zerona detox

  • 2 years ago

The place to talk about the detox and nutritional supplements as part of Zerona treatments.

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Check this out: Not here to argue with you, and definitely have no judgement about people with excess fat being whatever you said above. I have no judgement about your statement above, but check out some of these lnks:

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Toxins are stored in fat
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No, toxins are not "stored in fat." And if toxins are stored anywhere, I guarantee you that soaking your feet and getting massages will not make any difference, you will still be fat.

The liver is a filter, it filters out toxins. Fat stores hormones and FAT, which is energy your body did not use up. Not toxins. Being fat is NOT the same as carrying poisons around in your body. You have clearly swallowed the media-driven B.S. that perpetuates the belief that fat people are somehow "toxic", i.e., contaminated, damaged or somehow less "pure" than thin people. This is brainwashing. It is a medical fact that fat is NOT a toxin, it is just FAT. WebMD's website has some useful information on bodyfat, and NOWHERE does it use the term "toxin". Check it out.

I need to remind you that webmd is not necessarily a reliable resource. When quoting resources in the future you should use medical journals or trusted research university resources. Please remember that the clinician resource side of webmd is different and much more reliable than the patient side. Finding good strong resources might help you find the correct information you are looking for in the future. This pertains to many more topics than this fat=toxin thing.

The best resource there ever was on this planet has been dead since 1983: My grandfather, who demonstrated complete reliability, wisdom and medical accuracy when he advised, "If you skip dessert, you won't have that pooch." "Pooch" being the old Latin term for "stomach", I believe.

I stand by what I said, which was not a quote of anything. And I speak as a former fat person, BTW.

I am also a consumer. WebMD works for me.
Perhaps you need a better source than grandpa and webmd when speaking on biochemistry and toxicology. From Casarett and Doull's Toxicology: "Many organic compounds present in the environment are highly lipophilic. This characteristic permits rapid penetration of cell membranes and uptake by tissues. Therefore, it is not surprising that highly lipophilic toxicants distribute and concentrate in body fat." It goes on to say: "...However, of more practical concern is the possibility of a sudden increase in the concentration of a chemical in the blood, and hence in the target organ of toxicity, when rapid mobilization of fat occurs." Admittedly my graduate-level course in Environmental Toxicology was some time ago, but I am not aware of any new information contradicting this. That said the detox foot baths and most of the detox diets are voodoo and snake oil, so on that we agree.
Horsepoo. Americans suffer from portion distortion, not "lipophilic toxicants."
What I posted has nothing to do with why Americans are obese. Yes, that is because they eat more calories than they burn.

That fact is irrelevant to the biochemistry of the human body, whereby fat-soluble toxins (since lipophilic toxicants seemed to bother you I'll use smaller words) are sequestered in fatty tissue.

Mocking things you know nothing about just makes you look completely ignorant.
Sticks and stones...go fish.
The detox has to be done.
I believe it is essential. I'm seeing a pattern with
The people who do not get results.
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You MUST be kidding. It has already been proven that it is not possible to remove "toxins" from the human body by soaking the feet, or by attaching "detox pads" to them either.

Fat is not "toxic." It is a naturally occurring bodily substance. This is not about "toxicity" it's about fat. Check your patterns again, you are grasping at straws on this.
And when I say detox, I also mean the pretreatment before which will help clear the liver to process things better.
Horse hocky. Show me ONE thing that has been medically proven to "clear the liver". Unless someone is an alcoholic, going thru chemotherapy, or has been tested for and found to have a liver abnormality, all this claptrap concern about liver toxicity is nonsense.