If you're getting your breast implants removed in November, December or January check in here!

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My surgery is scheduled for November 7!  Eek!!  Here is my story--I have 22 year old silicone, under muscle implants.  I basically had breast augmentation surgery because I breast fed both of my children and after that my breasts were just...gone! I missed having them and I wasn't too big maybe a C cup but after kids I was maybe an A cup.  After surgery I would say that I was a nice strong C cup--now...I would say that I'm a 36D.  I know that is not that big but the way they sit and how they fill a bra it is to me. I really had no problems with them but I could possibly blame some health problems on them but all in all they were a great investment and I really did enjoy having them!  So, here I am at age 51 I started perimenopause about 5 years ago and all bets were off for anything to do with my body and even my mind!  I do have a indent on my right nipple that I have had since surgery--it only started to tuck in really bad in the last few years...oh, and my nipples now point down? But that was just aging and gravity!!Ha! I am 5'5" and 140 lbs (at 29 years old I was about 125 lbs).  I workout regularly, do reformer pilates 3 days a week and try to eat healthy and not drink too much wine :) but the weight just seems to be happy at 140... My breasts have changed from being attractive and balancing out my physique to being what I call "Big Ol' Mamma Jamma's".  I feel SO matronly and even though I am in good shape I just want these things gone--now. I visited with my PS that did the original surgery about 3 years ago in Southern California and asked it maybe they had ruptured and he assured me they hadn't and to not fix what's not broke!  He said that gravity over the years had just changed the shape of my breasts and he shooed me out of the office. I decided a couple of months ago to go ahead and visit a PS up here in Northern California and ask his opinion.  I just felt that these implants could not last forever and why not get them out while I am strong and healthy.  Also, after visiting this site I thought maybe I might enjoy having smaller breasts and regret not having it done sooner!!  He said that they did have some capsular contraction and that they should at least be removed and possible place new implants in.  After I informed him that I did not want to replace them I asked about a possible lift.  He said that I should at least have that done but maybe after I heal from this surgery.  I told him that this was a one time deal--I hate the idea of going in for surgery so could we do this all together? He said yes, but it wouldn't look too pretty for a while.  After looking at photo's on this site I know what he means now!! He does want to do the surgery in an out-patient center rather than his office because they are under muscle and he said his experience with the older silicone implants is that once he touches them they disintegrate into a mess.  I can understand this and I am ok with the out-patient center. I tried to get my insurance to cover the removal because I heard that if you have pain you might get that covered.  They are uncomfortable but not painful.  Well, the doctors office tried and I was denied.  I could push it but I think that is bad karma--I really am not in pain and nor to I want to be after the surgery so I am going to pay for it myself.  It is very expensive I think but maybe because it's California?  Total cost of removal, capsulectomy and lift--$6,874--ouch! So...that's my story!  I am excited and very anxious about the surgery.  I wish I felt better about it but it just is simmering in my little head and I am scared.  I just want it over with and know that I am not too deformed looking for my husband :)  I do look forward to wearing cute little bras again because I don't like the big giant bras I have to wear now.  October 7th can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned!!  I will post some before pics soon! I appreciate this site SO much!!  I has helped with my final decision and also the before/after pics really do help ALOT!!  Thanks for reading my story :)

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I had my DDD removed last week it has been seven days and I am loving it. Sounds stupid but I feel,real,again. I had those huge boobs for 15 years. I am 5'3 and was 110 at the time. My husband loved them but so did ever stupid man that walked. I also did a full tummy tuck to remove c section scars and appendix as well. Love my 5 children with all I am. But now it is a time for me. Good luck to all and decisions made for a happier body image.
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Having mine removed on Wed 16th. Rattling.com! I know it's time to accept the real me but doesn't make it any less scary. Congrats to you on being strong x x
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Good luck on the 16th!! I will be thinking happy, healthy, healing thoughts for you :) Trust me--you will be fine and it's ok to be scared but you will be SO happy when it is all over. It is worth all the fretting and fussing!!!! Just think how amazing you will feel implant free!!!
Good luck on the 16th!! I will be thinking happy, healthy, healing thoughts for you :) Trust me--you will be fine and it's ok to be scared but you will be SO happy when it is all over. It is worth all the fretting and fussing!!!! Just think how amazing you will feel implant free!!!
I wish I knew I would have some natural boob left :-( Thanks for the well wishes. I'm sure I'll be posting more panicky messages in the coming days!
I thought I would have WAY less than I do!! I bought a 36 C bra and fit in it just fine!! Yes, there is less fluff in my boobs but it feels waaaaayy better :)
I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had my explantation done with local only today. I'm so glad these toxic bags are out of my body and now is the slow road to recovery. I'm not sure what to expect but at least it was the first step. Thanks everyone for sending your comments, it really helps when you know you are not alone. I will keep you posted how I feel tomorrow.
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Hi everyone! I'm so glad I found this site. I'm just getting ready for my explant surgery... it's booked for this afternoon!!! Terrified of the recovery but can't wait to see them gone. It was a big mistake!
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brunette2007 best of luck to you today!! recovery isnt as bad as when you get the implants put in. Im 2 weeks and a few days into my recovery and the first 3 days sucked. But I took my painpills slept as much as humanly possibly propped up on pillows on my back and drank lots of water. When you wake up from surgery, you will be in some pain but the big grin on your face will be knowing how great youre gonna feel soon!!
Just commit and go for it!! Trust me, the more you read about how pleased everyone is once the explant is over and done with the more you will relax and just be happy with your decision. I am about a month post-op and finally feeling somewhat normal--it takes time but I can't tell you how happy I am with it all!! Yes, my girls are smaller but they are MINE!! Good luck!!
Thank you, it's much appreciated. I'm getting very restless and will be leaving soon.
Thank you so much. I'm getting restless and actually more nervous than I was before augmentation. It's time to leave pretty soon.
Cindylu2th you were right, recovery is much better. there is some discomfort but i haven't taken any painkillers yet. i'm so glad they are gone! i can't believe i did it to my body and waited that long to remove them. i love not having those burning melons on my chest!!! I feel free!
Awesome news!! I can honestly say I know exactly how you feel! Free Free at Last!! Im totally loving how I look and feel now and I know you will too!
Best of luck to all of you!! I am going in for my explantation and lift in just a few hours! Im so excited to get these things out of me and lift the girls up a notch. I do have a profile on this site and have my original before and afters from the first surgery. Will post more later......
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im getting mine removed on the 12 of dec if all goes to plan.. i have 200cc under muscle. good luck to us :)
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It's a great feeling to have the surgery scheduled!! It will be here before you know it!! Best wishes :)
Mine are gone, hurrah. Karen221 - I would advise getting the capsule removed, especially how one of mine has presented and am now having it tested for anaplastic carcinoma. Not long NorCal, are you having a lift too. I'm so pleased I made the decision to do it. I couldn't be happier right now.
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Congrats - can't wait for my bags to be done. I am definitely getting the capsulectomy - told my PS that even if it's paper thin (which is what he's saying), I still want it out.
I'm scheduled for explant and capsulectomy on 12/21. I have 11 year old saline implants, under the muscle. No real problems other than rippling and slight contracture on the left but I, like so many others, want these babies out. I was 20 pounds lighter when I got them so I'm hopeful I'll have some of my own breast tissue left. I have 360/340 cc and went from a 34A to a 36D/DD and they just make me feel fat. I'm 41 years old now, with a 13 year old daughter and I want to send her the right message about self-esteem. Curious from others having surgery - I posted a question to the doctors on here about recovery for implant removal and capsulectomy and ALL the replies have been that the capsulectomy is unnecessary. I really want the capsule out (regardless of how thick/thin it is) - curious what others are doing?
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Hi Karen, I had my pre-op appointment yesterday, my surgery is on 11/7 and I discussed the capsulectomy with my surgeon. Basically, he said that my under muscle silicone implants are old (23 years) and that the scar tissue is usually pretty thick and hard--he wants to get everything out of there that could cause problems. He asked if I was worried about tissue loss and I really wasn't but I was worried about all the digging around there and the fact that his is also doing a lift. I just afraid that all the trauma to the breast will make it all so hard to heal...but it is what it is :) I just want it over and done with!! This site is helping me with my anxiety just knowing that other women are doing this makes me feel better!
I understand capsule should come out specially if you have some physical symptoms associated with the implants... Do you?
I have some encapsulation and then I have old scar "collapse" on my right nipple caused from me doing too much too soon 23 years ago. It looked fine for a long time but now--not so good. I am not sure about any internal symptoms because I had auto-immune issues before but I am really curious to see how I feel when my implants are gone. I have paid for the capsulectomy and unless things are just perfect in there then he will go ahead with the procedure. If it looks ok, he is leaving it but he thought it would be needed.
My left breast is definitely tender and I've had pain in my left shoulder blade for almost as long as I've had implants (11 years), but not before. The left side is the one that was overfilled, too. I do have rippling under the left breast and my recent mammogram had to be redone, and then an ultrasound because they were seeing increased density in the left breast (maybe scar tissue)? My surgeon does have me scheduled for removal and capsulectomy - I was just surprised when I posted the question here to the doctors (simply asking what the recovery time would be) and every reply has been that the capsulectomy is unnecessary if I have saline implants (which I do).
I'm new to the site and will probably have explantation done some time in the new year. What's all this about a capsulectomy? I'm ignorant here, but do we all have capsules?