If you're getting your breast implants removed in November, December or January check in here!

  • NorCal1960
  • Northern California
  • 2 years ago

My surgery is scheduled for November 7!  Eek!!  Here is my story--I have 22 year old silicone, under muscle implants.  I basically had breast augmentation surgery because I breast fed both of my children and after that my breasts were just...gone! I missed having them and I wasn't too big maybe a C cup but after kids I was maybe an A cup.  After surgery I would say that I was a nice strong C cup--now...I would say that I'm a 36D.  I know that is not that big but the way they sit and how they fill a bra it is to me. I really had no problems with them but I could possibly blame some health problems on them but all in all they were a great investment and I really did enjoy having them!  So, here I am at age 51 I started perimenopause about 5 years ago and all bets were off for anything to do with my body and even my mind!  I do have a indent on my right nipple that I have had since surgery--it only started to tuck in really bad in the last few years...oh, and my nipples now point down? But that was just aging and gravity!!Ha! I am 5'5" and 140 lbs (at 29 years old I was about 125 lbs).  I workout regularly, do reformer pilates 3 days a week and try to eat healthy and not drink too much wine :) but the weight just seems to be happy at 140... My breasts have changed from being attractive and balancing out my physique to being what I call "Big Ol' Mamma Jamma's".  I feel SO matronly and even though I am in good shape I just want these things gone--now. I visited with my PS that did the original surgery about 3 years ago in Southern California and asked it maybe they had ruptured and he assured me they hadn't and to not fix what's not broke!  He said that gravity over the years had just changed the shape of my breasts and he shooed me out of the office. I decided a couple of months ago to go ahead and visit a PS up here in Northern California and ask his opinion.  I just felt that these implants could not last forever and why not get them out while I am strong and healthy.  Also, after visiting this site I thought maybe I might enjoy having smaller breasts and regret not having it done sooner!!  He said that they did have some capsular contraction and that they should at least be removed and possible place new implants in.  After I informed him that I did not want to replace them I asked about a possible lift.  He said that I should at least have that done but maybe after I heal from this surgery.  I told him that this was a one time deal--I hate the idea of going in for surgery so could we do this all together? He said yes, but it wouldn't look too pretty for a while.  After looking at photo's on this site I know what he means now!! He does want to do the surgery in an out-patient center rather than his office because they are under muscle and he said his experience with the older silicone implants is that once he touches them they disintegrate into a mess.  I can understand this and I am ok with the out-patient center. I tried to get my insurance to cover the removal because I heard that if you have pain you might get that covered.  They are uncomfortable but not painful.  Well, the doctors office tried and I was denied.  I could push it but I think that is bad karma--I really am not in pain and nor to I want to be after the surgery so I am going to pay for it myself.  It is very expensive I think but maybe because it's California?  Total cost of removal, capsulectomy and lift--$6,874--ouch! So...that's my story!  I am excited and very anxious about the surgery.  I wish I felt better about it but it just is simmering in my little head and I am scared.  I just want it over with and know that I am not too deformed looking for my husband :)  I do look forward to wearing cute little bras again because I don't like the big giant bras I have to wear now.  October 7th can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned!!  I will post some before pics soon! I appreciate this site SO much!!  I has helped with my final decision and also the before/after pics really do help ALOT!!  Thanks for reading my story :)