What are your views on teenagers doing plastic surgery ?

  • VTrinichick
  • 10 months ago

Is it legal for them to do all types of plastic surgery with parental consent? What are some of the possible adverse effects of plastic surgery on a developing teenage body? Is there legislation governing teenage plastic surgery in all parts of the world?

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This is a touchy subject. Sometimes teens are bullied by their peers for ears that stick out, large noses, etc. and I think they become emotionally withdrawn and it affects their psychological health. Parents don't want their children to be unhappy if the problem can be fixed with surgery. Usually doctors will not perform surgery until the late teenage years bc they aren't fully developed before then. There are some restrictions in the US (e.g. No silicone breast implants before age 22), but it's the surgeon's choice to perform the procedure and is often determined on a case by case basis.
Personally, I don't think they should get things done. Some plastic surgery requires a lifelong commitment like breast implants have to get redone after 10 years. Their body is still adjusting so surgery might be inaccurate.