Can your skin take permanent makeup color and then several years later refuse the color? What would be the reasons for this?

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I got permanent makeup several years ago by an artist that was very talented and experienced in this field.  My eyebrows, liner and lips came out beautiful.  I loved it!  After four years the eyebrows faded, which after speaking to other people, this was a very long time for them to last.  I moved to another state and searched for over a year for another artist.  I finally found someone that seemed to have the experience and training that I was looking for.  After going to this artist three times, I now have scarring from corrections from the first line she did and also they color did not turn out right.  It is more of a blue color than dark brown and also only one eyeliner took and the other side didn't.  Being very disappointed, I called the original artist to see if there was any reason the color would not take this time as it took so very well the first time.  After getting both artist together, the new one is refunding my money and I am returning to original one for corrections on the mess that is on my face now.  Has anyone experienced this where the pigment would not take?  I was told by the original artist that there should be no apparent reason that there should have been any trouble since my color took so well the first time.   Also, my lips after seven years are still holding color. 

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Have you had any luck with this since you last posted? I have no helpful information, just am dealing with the same problem! I had a wonderful lady do my eyebrows in 2003 and they took wonderfully. Now I am having her do them again, 9 years later, and they just are not taking! She used the same color as last time. They started flaking today, and there is hardly any color there at all. She did say that I bled a lot, and I'm not on any medications or anything that should have caused that, and she didn't have anything written in my chart from '03 about problems with bleeding. I am crossing my fingers that when I go back for my retouch in a few weeks that she can do something. I just wondered if you had had any luck with yours, or figured out what the problem was?
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Thank you very much for the reply but really what is going on is this: I had my makeup done around seven years ago by a very talented permananet makeup artist. It was beautiful! I only had the one touch up on the eyebrows , which is your free touch up and is routine. The lips were gorgeous , eyebrows perfect and also the liner. The eyebrows faded approx five years so this sounds also normal. I moved to another state and by this time, seven years later, I really needed the eyebrows done again. My lip color was still there. In fact, people still thought I was wearing lip stick. So, anyways, I searched for a year or longer because I live in very small town. I found another artist in UT. , that just recently was coming to my town to establish some clients. I was so, SO excited! She seemed to be well established from where she was coming from and $500 dollars and three times seeing her, I will not even go out of my house now unless I put pencil on the hide them. They look horrific! They are suppose to be dark brown and are a bluish grey color. They are uneven at the inside of the nose so it makes my face look crooked! I went back after the first time she did them because she put the arch straight up closer to my nose and brought a small line coming down around my bone which made my eyes look racoons. So to say they least, they are horrible and im out all this money that was a gift for Christmas. Also, I went back after the first time because the shape was so bad and she scarred me trying to do a correct at the end of the eyebrows. So, now at the end of my eyebrows, it looks like I have cat whiskers coming off the end of my eyebrows. Sooooo what I was asking is : is there any reason this all would happen because of my skin BECAUSE, THIS new lady I used tells me it is my skin that caused all of this. What I did was called my old , but first artist I used and told her what was going on. She explained to me all the reasons that this had all happened and actually called the lady that did my eyes spoke with her and got me a refund and she is going to correct the mess. She said it is absolutely not my skin that has caused all of this.

My original question was : why if my skin took to the pigment so wonderful the first time I got this done and lasted so long....why would it not take now. What was also funny is one eye took the eye liner and the other eye did not. You could image what I look like!!!

If anyone would like, I would be happy to send pics of how bad they look now. I would also be happy to give the name of the amazing-talented makeup artist that is going to fix all this for me.

Thanks again and if anyone has seen this problem before or has any other answers, please ...I would love to hear your imput!

The good thing is too is because of the professionalism and caring person that she is, I will be gettiing this all taken care of very soon!!
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Hmm, that is interesting, and hopefully another community member will have some info to share regarding why the pigment wouldn't take.

There was a question posted in our Q&A that I thought you might find interesting since you mentioned having been surprised at the original color fading after 4 years. The doctor that answered it gives some info on what can be expected from pigments over time. Click here to view.

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