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How was your ResurFX recovery?

  • 9 months ago

If you've tried ResurFX before, what was the recovery like?  What tips do you have for someone who is going to try it?

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This is the worst procedure and I would never reccomend this! I had resurfx yesterday left with burnt track marks from the laser, blister on my face, and horrible swelling and more track marks on my neck and chest! I was told this was a great way to get rid of pigmentation and pick marks on my chin from breakouts. The laser tech works in a very prestigious dermatology clinic, so I felt confident that it would turn out well. I called to let them know yesterday how my skin looked like and they said it was normal! I'm sorry but a blister and track marks are not normal. They gave me cortisone but I have been using aloe Vera which has helped more then the cortisone I was given. Now I am terrified of the permanant scarring from the laser, and my chest seemed to get it worse. The office closed till Monday so I have to deal with the pain and anxiety. I really don't know what what else to do but just say they need to regulate this "beauty" regimine which actually is the complete opposite of what is advertised! I worry also of going into public as the sides of my face looks like a ritual scarring! It's terrible and very discouraging. Never again will I step back into the world of botch laser procedures!