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What are your reasons for getting a Tummy Tuck, and how do you feel about the result?

  • FoxyLoxy
  • forbes
  • 3 years ago

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I work hard on my body bim a fitness instructor and my abs are good and you can see the first two rows but I had 4 c sections and I have a small pooch no matter what I do it's there. So if a wear a bikini or something fitted I have an "automatic fat roll" plus I'd like to get rid of my few little stretch marks too. I had a baby young so I never got to wear a bikini with the teenager early 20 body. This TT will turn back the hands of time!
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I lost 70 pounds and had horrible excess skin.  After working out in the gym for a year I realized that the skin was not going away on it's own.   It was ugly and I felt totally self conscious about my body.   The only way I was going to rid myself of this double muffin top was to have it removed.   Some people bounce back after weight loss and other do not.  I was not one of the lucky people.

I love my results, am completely happy and would do it all over again if necessary.  This procedure has given me confidence and a feeling of finally reaching my goal.  This has nothing to do with vanity or what other people think.  This is a personal decision and what other people think really does not matter.  I am happy, feel wonderful and love getting dressed in the morning.  

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Well said Kimmers. I had my TT after 3 intense years working out. Now my outside appearance matches how I feel. I won't be giving up the workouts, I love the feeling of being fit, but now I can look in the mirror as I lift heavy things and see a trim body as well.
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