Does your plastic surgeon's office have a private entry or do you have to go through a lobby where there are other businesses?

  • jeanlyn in wisconsin
  • 2 years ago

I had a deep plane face lift and a bilateral blepharoplasty. On my second post op day I was scheduled to go back to the office and have my drains and dressing removed. I assumed, wrongly, that there was a back entrance to the office. In order to enter the office, one must go through a lobby that services several other professional businesses. My husband went into the plastic surgeon's office to inquire while I waited in the car. To my horror, I was told I had to walk throught the lobby. Just when my husbsnd and I entered the lobby, my daughter in law and my two grandchildren, ages 8 and 10, we're coming out of the elevator. They had been to see the eye doctor who has an office in that building. I had a soiled bloody dressing on my head, drains with blood in them pinned to each side of my head, my eyes were swollen almost shut and my face and neck were swollen and very bruised. I was mortified, the children were terrified and their mother shocked. I had my head down and the scarf I had over my head had slipped off as it was windy outside. Even if they had not recognized me, they would have recognized their grandfather. This happened five days ago and the children are still upset. What should I do to try and help this situation? I told the clinic manager what had happened and she said that they do not use the back entrance. Please, if anyone has words of wisdom, I could use them right now.  ed

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This is a great topic! I, too, feel extremely uncomfortable having to walk through public places after some sort of procedure.

I'm sorry your grandchildren were upset, and you were as well. I have kids about that age, and we would just talk a lot about what they saw and, when they see you looking healed and normal again, I'm sure they will be fine. You know what they always say, Kids are resilient!

Maybe you could talk to them on the phone, so they could hear that your voice is the same as ever and this would give you all some comfort.

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Thanks for your comment. I think that you are right, when they see grandma again, they will forget that she looked so terrible. I also wanted anyone considering plastic surgery to find out if they would need to walk through public areas and if they were ok with that. I am ok with it now, almost two weeks out, but I was not when I was bandaged and had those bloody drains hanging from my head. Looks like I need to get "over" it too. Again, thanks, it is nice to know that there are people to share my feelings with.
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