Are Your Organs Safe with Brazilian Butt Lift?

  • brazil42
  • 1 year ago

I have come across numerous sources on organ trafficking etc
Getting a brazilian butt lift looks good post op, but to see how tiny a waist can be measured up to some stories out there where people are finding organs missing or reproductive organs missing is a shock.
For those of you who have had the brazilian butt lift, especially in Mexico and other developing countries where it is cheaper, Can you please go get yourself checked out, just to make sure all organs are in tact and working?!!
Reply and let other bbl px's know.
God forbid, so please prove me wrong.

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Hmmmmm no links to back up your claims. SMH
Wow! Please provide links for these stories. Our organs actually don't take up as much space as we think they do, we just get so used to seeing fat that we mistake it for the size of our organs. I gotta see the stories and check them out!
Can you please post links to those stories? It seems far fetched but ya never know.