Can you make your nose shorter going down your face?

  • theo123
  • 1 year ago

:--)  to  :-) Is there anything like this? I'm sure patients come in with pictures, saying they want a certain nose and the difference is that its shorter down the face.

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(I don't know if this question will get attention anymore since it's old) but could anyone show me an example of this (before and after) What is done to achieve this? Does it have a name?
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Tip elevation and deprojection can make it shorter by a few mm
I'm wondering if a small section of the middle third of the septum can be removed and the septum reattached. Though if that's unusual, I wouldn't want it to avoid risking a bad result.
I have never heard of that being done. Usually the top of the nose is shortened.
Yes they can!! That was one of the things done to mine! Ask a doctor if it will be possible for u
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Haha, thanks for the visual! I know surgeons can do some work on your columnella depending on what it's like to begin with. And you might be surprised by how adjusting the tip a millimeter or two and maybe reducing a hump and make the length appear shorter.

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