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What is your favourite after lasering cream or lotion?

  • kahelelani
  • Hawaii
  • 11 months ago

I'm finding after five laser sessions that the skin is taking a beating.  I've tried aquaphor (don't like the petroleum greasy feeling), Palmer's cocobutter (it's good but still the skin feels tight) and have even resorted to squeezing vitamin e capsules onto the skin.  What is your favourite aftercare cream?

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I used a repair cream called Cicalfate, and it worked out really well. It healed much faster then what i've been told.
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I've only used Aquaphor to heal, due to the ability to keep the skin moist and hydrated. Be aware that during the warmer times, it's often better to not put anything on at all. Are you staying hydrated / drinking a lot of water?
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I use coconut oil and lavender essential oil. The lavender is good for healing burns quickly and the coconut keeps it nice and moist without the greasy feeling. I take vitamin d and fish oil and a green tea metabolism support supplement. Also take a vitamin C to help with collagen. I really think this helps me. By the way, where is your original post or pictures? I can't find them. I would love to see your progress as we started about the same time. Angela
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My original post and pictures can be found   It's still there.  I haven't posted any pictures in months.  I haven't had any recent sessions except a few weeks ago.  The tattoo looks faded and old but nothing spectacular.  I'm terrible at pictures also, I thought I had taken some good ones but when I posted they were so fuzzy.  I'll try again.  Blackberry11 is having wonderful success.  aloha...k
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I love bio oil. I am having my tattooed eyebrows removed and bio oil makes them heal nice and quickly after the laser. Just had my 2nd treatment four days ago and very little scabbing developed. Hope that helps x
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