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What are your experiences with Fat Grafting to the Face

  • ginizzle
  • 6 months ago

Howdy, All,I'm new to this site. A bit about my situation:I am 46. I have MS. I was put on a radical diet in July 2013 to help address some of the symptoms I was experiencing then. As a result, I lost a LOT of weight, too quickly. My face now looks like it has melted. I have jowls and my face looks hollow.I really am loathe to go under the knife because 1. Wha? So intense!2. No tengo moolah ... at least not that much for such a procedure.So, I've been researching options. Ultherapy seems super mixed and Thermage seems like a racket. I can't do injectables (auto-immune issue).  I was looking at fat grafting but wonder if this too is a viable option. I know that I need to consult with a board-certified doctor but want more information from others who may have explored a similar path to my own before doing so.I feel like an alien. When I look in the mirror I don't recognize myself. This isn't about aging, it's about identity. I'm so blue. Any info would be greatly appreciated!Kind Regards,ginizzle