What has been your experience with medpor tip-top graft in a revision rhinoplasty?

  • Mom Here
  • 1 year ago

It's been about 1 month since my mid-twenties (healthy, no-smoke, part Asian, thick-skinned) daughter underwent a revision (open) rhinoplasty in which a medpor tip-top graft (along with ear cartilage) was used to improve tip definition.  She seems swollen most of the time.  I am fairly confident in the skill and taste of the surgeon (who also slightly shortened the nose and rotated the tip), but my daughter is quite unhappy, feeling her tip is now too bulbous and pug in appearance.  The nose fits her face in my opinion--the doctor sort of got her back to her childhood nose (around age 10), only a bit smaller.  While we do not wish to post pictures (we're "known"), I'd say she has a "fatter, shorter" version of Anne Hathaway's nose (which in my opinion fits my daughter's face and is about as good as we'll get).  She's upset about the upward tilt; we're both worried about the long-term prospects of medpor, which we did not understand was being put in (long story--big communication breakdown here, of which we've informed the surgeon ex post facto).  Had we known, we'd have turned medpor down--esp. after all the "thumbs down" we read in our current ex post facto research on line.  

I dont' think the implant will shift or infect or get exposed so much--what I am worried about is that her body is "rejecting" it at some level (so much swelling going on) by wrapping it in 30 layers of scar tissue over the next 15 years.  She is swollen almost 24/7 since surgery.  When she's not swollen, I'd say she looks downright cute (even pretty).  (But not to her.)  Here's the question:  have the medpor implantees (particularly those with tip-top grafts) or the reconstructive surgeons found over-grown grafts encased in fibrous scar tissue that wreaks havoc on the tip effect years out?  I know we don't have more than roughtly 20 years medical experience with Medpor, but I am wondering how to proceed.  Second, if we remove (and we may given its "gets stuck" feature) the medpor, how soon is optimal?  We're thinking 6 months out (assuming healing proceeds normally, as it seems to be).