How was your experience with Dr. Jimerson (J Curves)

  • NiaC
  • 1 year ago

Hi ladies, I am very close to puttingu money down for my BBL. I have to say I am extremely excited. I am pretty confident I will be going with Dr. J curves. Has anybody had a BBL performed by Mr. Jimerson? How was the recovery? Did you actually have to say the entire 14 days? Anything guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Nia, you can search for Jimerson patients on RS here. PrettyPhysique just had surgery and she looks great, but you can read a lot of reviews about Dr. Jimerson. You can just type in his name in the search bar and patients who have used him will pop up. Hope this helps.
I know. .... please :)
Someone plllsss answer!!!! Lol