What is your excuse?

  • Cris in Texas
  • 2 years ago

Do any of you work? I am planning to request 1 week of vacation but I am sure casual questions will come about whether I am travelling and what not. Not sure what to say, dont want to tell the truth but i dont know if it will be pretty obvious or if i will be walking funny once i come back, so people will figure it out. Any ideas?

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Cris- I scheduled a week's vacation off. When people asked me if I was going away I said no, I'm having minor surgery. That's usually enough to make them stop asking questions! The surgery could be anything, they don't need to know :)

I just went and re-read your review and saw that you're getting lipo and not a tummy tuck. A week might be okay, then. Still, you can call it reconstructive.


Yes, you'll need at least 2 weeks off for a mommy makeover, and that's pushing it. This is major surgery and you don't want to risk your results by getting back into things too soon. Tell people it's reconstructive surgery for some issues that happened when you were pregnant (If you have been pregnant). Because it is reconstructive.

Hope this helps! :)

Let us know what you decide to say.