Need Your Doctor Suggestions: Looking for a BBL in December for Between $4000 - $9000

  • Malaya
  • Oakland Ca
  • 2 years ago

Hey ladies I was looking into getting BBL. I want fat remove from between thigh and stomace area and also waist and back. I'm a size 13 and 5'7 and 22 years old. I was thinking about getting it done in December. Do anyone know any docters that do it price range from $4,000 to $9,000. Please and let me know. I love Dr. Andrew Jimmerson cause he seem to give you exactly what we want .. (stripper bootys) but I want something just a Lil bit cheaper but that's just as good as him and I'm whilling to travel.

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Hi Malaya, Welcome!

You may find this feature useful. It shows the average costs of BBL and also the reviews of people in your area and how much it cost them. This may give you some ideas on doctors and their prices!

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