Has your clothing size changed after surgery?

  • LadyTeri
  • Chesapeake, VA
  • 2 years ago

Can any one share whether their clothing size changed after surgery?  I'm having both TT and BR and just wonder if realistically will I be buying new clothes??

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Yes, I had a TT in Feb 2011. I got rid of my 'baby belly', and lost about 5 inches around that area.

It takes a while, because the swelling lasts so long, but you will eventually be in smaller clothing. My doc told me to not plan to buy new clothes until about May, and he was right.

I dropped from a 12/14 in pants, to a 6. I did keep all my off-season clothing though, just in case. This winter, when I got out my winter clothes, they were all waaaaaaaaaay too big, so I donated them. I had actually given about 1/2 of them away last spring. After last summer, I kept a few things, just in case I put on weight over the winter, and I have gained a small amount. Now the weather is nice, I am working at getting rid of that!

Good luck!
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Thanks so much. I was just curious. My sister had a TT, but didn't go down a size, but in my opinion her stomach was sooo small I never understood why she did it, but it is a personal choice. I on the other hand have a lot to come off so I'm hoping I will see a change in size. Any excuse to buy new clothes will do!