What was your body image like post surgery?

  • hellomotto32
  • 2 years ago

I'm considering this surgery, basically commited to getting it if insurance approves it, but I'm worried about my body image after. I have a bit of a belly and feel like my breasts right now kind of even it out ,and if I were to get the surgery than It will look larger. Anyone else have this or any other body issues pre surgery? What was it like afterward? Do you feel as though you look thinner? Thanks all and congrats and happy recovering to anyone who has gotten the surgery! 

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I love where I'm at right now (3 months post-op), BUT I do worry about gaining ANY weight at all (trying to lose/tone up before school starts up again)... Does anyone have this fear? That their big boobies will come back? [I'm rarely remotely paranoid about anything, but this worries me for some reason; the mental & emotional toll has been too much to go through to lose in a few years...) Thoughts anyone?

I can completely relate. My BR is this coming Tuesday, and one of my biggest concerns is how my body will actually look after recovery. I've always hid (physically and emotionally) behind my large breasts, and I've gained weight because I never could wear tight fitting clothes, anyway. So, now I'm nervous about looking fat because my breasts won't be covering my torso. But, I'm also hoping that this surgery will increase my drive and self-esteem and encourage me to exercise and live a healthier lifestyle now that I have a shot at a smaller-looking body! You're not alone!

Hellomotto- Don't let the preception of your what "new" look, stop you. You will be able to do so much more after you lose the boobs that you can make them match up eventually. I was about your size and it is the best thing I could have done. You will feel a lot thinner.
Hi All,
how lovely to read such wonderfully positive effects of this BR. I too look 'fat' because my boobs are massive. I looked on line at sizing and according to the US sizing chart (by a Dr its on another BR website) i am a 34JJ!!! I wear and fit in (just) 34 GG/H UK size bras so i am massive compared to my body size! I too have a tummy and i know it will look big in comparison but i am looking forward (all being well and i end up a full C /small D) to being bottom 'heavy' .
I love reading such positive words as it spurs me on when i get a little bit nervous of the GA. Thank you for the replies and i hope people will say 'you've lost weight and look better' when i am post op!! x x
Pre surgery I was 5'4", 151 and breast size of 36FF. I was wearing a size 10 so I do have a bit of a flabby middle. After my surgery (I am 1 week out) I did feel very unproportioned, but for many reasons:
1. I have been used to my large breast all my life and then to just wake up and they are gone...it takes some time to get to know your new body.
2. I have A LOT of swelling on the side of my boobs and even moving in to my back area (this can take months to go down completely).....so I feel as though I have "fat rolls" on my side and back and it does look very awkward and makes me look bulky at the top.
3. My stomach does seem to appear a bit larger TO ME but that is because I have always hidden behind my large boobs.

Even with this kind of transition with my body and some of the things I am self conscious about I know they are only temporary. Everyone that sees me and doesn't know I have had surgery tells me I look great and have lost "so much weight" so I think I am worse on my body than everyone else is. I have such immediate releif of neck and back pain that it far outweighs anything. I also know that this is temporary...that in 3 months the swelling will be gone and that in the meantime I can work on eating healthy and walking and this will help my healing as well as my "belly". My boobs are so perky and light I would not trade my decision for anything! Good luck!
Thank you so much for sharing your story! I'm like 99% if insurance covers it I'll be getting the surgery, your post was so helpful!
I have to agree with Piggles. I'm 2 weeks post-op and have finally started to adjust and like my new breast size. I have felt that my stomach looks bigger, but everyone tells me how skinny I look. I think I have more motivation to improve my body to match my new girls. Good luck!