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Younger not "refreshed". Is this possible with a facelift?

  • diannne
  • Seattle
  • 1 year ago

 Maybe my goals are not the norm and maybe that's why it is hard to settle on a doctor. I don't get it. Doctor's websites keep stating that the patient did not want their facelift to make them look "younger"  just "refreshed".  There are lots of less expensive options out there that  leave you looking "refreshed" without the expense or down time.  Are they any doctors out there whose goal is to shave years off of your face? I've been searching through the sites and I see before and afters of necks and faces that look like barely anything was done. Tons of reviews on here about how great their doctor was and how "conservative" they were and how now the patient looks "refreshed". Of course there are no pictures attached to these reviews.  Am I strange?  I want to roll back the years as much as possible.  Help me!  Who has had a great facelift that left them looking younger with great eyes etc?  Thanking you in advance. Dianne