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Look Younger for a Long Lasting Period. Do Not Want Botox or Anything That Lasts Only for a While.

  • yadia
  • 2 years ago

Feel that the look of my face does not match the rest of my body. My body is much younger than my face. I am 72. Some 30 years ago I had a plastic surgery which did not do what I had expected from it. Later on I had some material (do not know what it was) injected in my face which now makes me look worse that I think I would look if I had not been injected that material. I cannot tell you the type of lift I want because I do not know. Probably you would have to recommend the kind of lift I need. Now I do not want a plastic surgery with general anesthesia or some long operation. I would be travelling to Miami the first week of December. I will send you a picture of myself so that you are the one who determines the kind of procedure recommended for me. I live in Venezuela.