Yoga Facelift for over 50?

  • Cornell77
  • 6 years ago

I rather stay away from Botox and facelift surgery and get a non surgical facelift. Is a Yoga facelift going to help even though i'm over 50?

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Would it be too late for you to start exercising your body? The answer is, absolutely not. I have students in their sixties and seventies who are seeing wonderful results from regular facial exercise, just as you would with any other form of physical exercise. The one thing about being older and going into any program however, is that one should not charge into it, overdo it, and be disappointed if you don't see results after the first time you try it (though you might). I am looking down the barrel of 60 myself and I am trying to learn patience--so I know what a hard lesson it is. Nevertheless, patience does pay off, so --when you are doing the turtle exercise for the neck (a great way to strengthen the muscles in back of the neck so you don't slump, by the way) remember the lesson of the turtle-- slow and steady wins the race!
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