What is a yoga face lift?

  • Nancy
  • 6 years ago

a skin spa near my house offer the yoga face lift. what does it do? did anyone have one and see a result at all?

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Yoga facelift is about facial exercise, but it is a specialized program, based on exercises specially designed to tone the muscles of the face and neck without creating dynamic wrinkling. When you are doing exercises which have you scrunch up your face or purse your lips you notice you are creating lines in your face. Dynamic wrinkling is a term used to describe the expression lines we create in our faces when we repeatedly make the same expression, for example scowling. Repeatedly drawing your brows together creates furrows, or grooves in the surface of your skin that eventually don't go away even when you are not frowning. This is dynamic wrinkling. However, all is not lost. Aside from face scrunchies and other horrors there is a whole repertoire of exercises you can do that use the principle of isometrics, where you work against resistance, that do a wonderful job toning and strengthening the muscles without creating wrinkles. Done correctly, facial exercise can help reduce sagging, smooth out expression lines and re-energize the face so you look and feel great!
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