yoga after tummy tuck

  • anon5365
  • 3 years ago

Hi all!  I had a full tummy tuck 16 days ago and am enjoying an unexpectedly smooth recovery -- although I realize I'm not out of the woods yet.  In spite of all the research I did before surgery, somehow I managed to overlook the part about not doing any serious ab work, such as yoga, for three to six months after surgery (my PS told me six months; docs on the internet generally say three).  I plan to listen to my PS and wait for him to grant me permission to increase my activity.  But now I'm wondering:  How do you know when you're ready?  Even after my PS gives me the green light, how will I know that my MR is really, truly up for some core work?  How do you know for sure when you can do a serious backbend without rupturing all your internal sutures?  Those of you who do yoga, what has your experience been? Many thanks in advance for your advice!

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Hi, I'm 5 months post op and started working out after 6-8 weeks. I can do everything in yoga except a full backbend. I was wondering what happened with you and at what point, if any, you were able to do full backbends. It still feels too tight for me go all the way up.
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After 6wks you are excused to start light to moderate fitness and gradually build up to your normal routine. IDK about a back bend and when you can full do one. I am at one month and have been wondering when I will get my full ab/muscle flexibility. Im thinking that for backbend probably 3+ months. Just so your abs are healed up nicely. But please talk to your PS on that one and let us know what he says.
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