8+ years later, were breast implants worth it? I want to hear from you ladies!!

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  • 2 years ago

I have wanted breast implants for years, but i've read some horrifying stories from women who have had implants for 6, 8, or 10 years. They said the implants always eventually harden, that it was a nightmare and they didn't want to hug anyone. And they eventually got the implants removed.   That is a huge concern for me, I don't want them to tighten up and get hard like that!!   I'm writing this because i would like to hear from anyone who's had implants for 6 years or more. The longer you've had them the better! I want to know what happens in the long run,  and if you've had a good experience, and if it was worth it.   I really hope to hear from you!! Thank you so much!!!

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My sis has had her saline unders for 10 years & no issues.
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i am 12 days post op. I had a revision done. I first got my BA done back in '99 with salines. I was happy with them and i had no complications. But I also had 3 kids , breastfed all of them and lost weight and gained weight in the process. SO...long story short. pregnancy takes a toll on ones breast. My salines felt deflated and i was left with little breast tissue.I also had rippling with it. I swapped my salines for sili's only for the reason being that sili's are more softer. Because this is my second time, my recovery was so much better and now my boobs are soft and no complications. You need to do your massages and take it easy for at leat a week. so no heavy lifting. Its definitely worth it for me as i am so much happier without my salines. Don't be scared to do it. But pls do your research and go for more than one consult to choose a PS. I knew in my gut i picke dthe right one and he's amazing.
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I wish everyone thought long term like you! So smart to do your homework now. Capsular contracture is definitely a risk in getting implants, but it doesn't happen to everyone. Here's what some doctors say about CC.

I would recommend reading through the reviews in this community and also hopping over to the breast implant removal community to get the opinions of those ladies who've been through it all.

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