Wrong size implants?

  • Ames123
  • philadelphia
  • 2 years ago

Today is my 3rd day recovering from my surgery, I had male breast enlargement, done and I am very unhappy with size so far. I had been considering this surgery for sometime, which gave me a chance to look for a decide on a surgion, after carefull consideration I found 2 on my area that had experience in this procdure with other men. I had been wearing forms for many years and started wearing them full time for 4 mos to make sure I OK with the surgery. I spoke to both surgions with my forms on, I chose one, and we discussed placement, types and sizing of the implants. I had been wearing a small to  modest forms and was comfortable with them, at the pre op visit we set on a size range, however leaving the final decision to my Doc as how they would look in me while I was on the table. I am beside myself!  they are HUGE! these can't be the size we discussed I'm sure it it  they are way too large even taking in consideration for swelling. Even my sister who is use to seeing me with my forms on (and is helping me these past few days). Thinks they are way big, I dont know what to do? I am scared, suprised, upset and still in alittle pain though the pills help alot. My question is what and how to I approach this with my Doc when I see him for my post op visit I want to screem! I don't know. He knew what I was wearing and we discussed the look I wanted I was wearing a 38B small C    depending on the bra which my forms filled completely, these are no way that size they look and feel way bigger. please help