Is it just me or was I so wrong about my before cup size ?????

  • Just Me N Cali
  • 1 year ago

I looked at my before pics and ooo mylanta !!! I was so wrong didnt want to claim the next cup size or two !!

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Also depends on the bra. I was excited to find DDD and E on the rack at Macy's, until I tried them and they didb't come close to fitting-spilled out all over. I was down to one bra 36DDD that I spilled over but not out of for the last year, with underwires popping out ( I would trim them and shove them back in), because I refused to special order. lol. I think that's what gave me the push to have the surgery--my bra couldn't hold out much longer!!! lol
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Yep, me too. I was totally in denial and refused to acknowledge just how big I was. I wore bras at least 2 cup sizes too small.
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