Has any tried to wrap after surgery?

  • jennygotDDDs
  • Tennessee
  • 1 year ago

Ok, so I'm a HUGE fan of the ItWorks products. I take the shakes(smoothies), take the greens, fat fighters and use the wraps. The wraps have tightened up my skin after losing 40 pounds, made my stretch marks looks a thousand times better, and help detox me. My question is...have any of you wrapped your bellies after surgery to get rid if the effects of the anesthesia or the bloating? 

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ooh Im interested in this wrap thingy. Csn you tell me more? I have stretch marks on my tummy but I love the shape of my body & do not want a tummy tuck im very scared of that actually. Its a very big operation...for me anyways :0) so you say it helped your stretch marks ?? Fill me in girl
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Have you asked anyone about this? Like an it works rep? Or a plastic surgeon? I'd be interested to know!! I've thought about doing a wrap before and definitely need it now after my surgery! I've felt soo bloated since my surgery a week ago.
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Sounds like you have found a program that works for you. Congrads on the weight loss and healthy life style! Your Plastic Surgeon would most likely give you the best advice regarding wrapping your belly post op. Make sure it doesn't cause any possible unknown complications to your surgery.

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