Wound separation

  • ali74
  • 1 year ago

I had my BR on January 23, 2013. I was a 38DDD and was hoping for a full C. The day of the surgery went fine. I expected to be in a lot more pain than I was but it was tolerable with the meds I was given.  I was told to take it easy and not to lift anything or reach over my head until my first post op appointment. I did everything I was told.  First week went by and everything went great. Then by my second visit I noticed a soft white spot under my steri strips. I called the doctor and was told to take off the steri strip and let the area dry. A couple days later the area got bigger so I called again and went in. There was a white film covering the area.  To make a long story short it seems as though each day this opening has gotten bigger and bigger and now I looks like I have breast material bulging out. I go back tomorrow to see my PS. I don't care about the scaring anymore I just want to heal. Is or has anyone else experienced this????