Wound separation

  • BR 6 months
  • USA
  • 2 years ago

Ok this might be long so I apologize.  I had my BR on 6/18.  I had roughly 2500g per side removed, more than 10lbs.  (awesome!) I am down to a perky D cup.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that I have a huge gaping hole that opened up on one side at the T junction, about 2 -3 wks post op.  I'm almost 6 weeks post op now and this hole is HUGE, it's bigger than a half dollar.  I also have one on the other side but not at the T just along the incision.. and it's maybe the size of a quarter.  Per PS I'm showering twice a day, and packing both with saline gauze covered with dry gauze.  (in the beginning I was just doing polysporine and gauze).  Both wounds 'seem' to be progressing.  Though it's hard to tell, and much like watching paint dry.  It's pretty pink on the inside of the big one, and the gauze comes out pink and yellow.. very gunky!  I will upload pictures.   I have TWO questions for folks that may have gone through this.  First, along the seam of the incision about 1/2 inch from the BIG wound is another smaller opening that just started up yesterday.  It's not fully opened but it's soft and white and starting to be moist. Today I put polysporine on it and some gauze.  Does anyone have any suggestions AT all about how to keep more from opening up??  I also noticed along the T junction on the other side it's leaking about 2 drips on a pad each day.  That one so far does not seem to be opening, I'm also applying poly on that.  It's getting really frustrating and disheartening I can tell you that.     Second question.  On the big wound there is some yellow stringy stuff, that is elastic-y.  Does anyone know what the heck that is?  Is it part of the stitching?  Can I / should I pull it out?  Some of it's just hanging there.  It's tender to 'tug' on it and it looks like it goes all around inside, so I'm scared to pull it.   But it's kinda gross, like a booger... lol!  Anyway if anyone has gone through this, I could really use some advice and/or words of encouragement.