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I have always hated my nose and almost booked a surgery about 6 years ago and chickened out.  I am so scared of a bad outcome. I have lived with my nose this long and I know it could be a whole lot worse.  I keep reading about collapsing this that the other thing and upturned noses and this terrifies me. I don't think I could handle it if my nose came out looking like a pig nose. Is it worth the risk, is what I have to keep asking myself. I hate my profile. How complicated of a procedure would I be looking at? do they have to break my nose? I have done a quick touch up in photoshop....is it worth the risk for some refinement.

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thanks for the reply. All surgeons seem to have good and bad reviews. So scary making this kind of decision. I just don't want to miss my old nose...that sounds kids of nuts, but I fear what if I miss the old nose.
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Thanks for your post! Unfortunately, the "is it worth the risk" question can only be answered by you. Is it worth it to YOU? I think your nose looks nice in this one picture, but I don't get to see you at all angles, either. The computer imaging shot looks amazing!

If you do go for it, go on several consultations with surgeons very experienced in rhinoplasty. This is your most important job--choosing the right surgeon.

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any feedback would be so helpful. Thanks.
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Are you ready for the costs involved as well as the week at home? I'm almost ten days post-op and still recovering. I have to stay away from sports for a while. Five more weeks. Even then, I will have to be careful. I will have to regain my old skills, for a start. I used to play tennis and squash three times a week. I still have some stitches in my nose, and they are annoying!
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