Is it worth traveling to LA from NYC to have eyelid surgery?

  • ElGuapo
  • 11 months ago

It seems that the "elite" level of eyelid surgeons, especially oculoplastic surgeons, are located in and around Los Angeles.  Is it worth flying to LA to at least have consultations with Massry, Hoenig, etc., or are there similar surgeons  of that level in NYC?     I'd appreciate hearing any feedback.  Thanks!

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I am in the same boat as you El. I have been searching for at least 6 months for a good Surgeon in NY but a lot of them are not "elite" when it comes to revision. I have spent a ton of money on consultation fees only to come up short of what I expected. It looks like im going out of state for my revision...*sigh*
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Great question!  Lots of people travel for surgery, and the LA area is indeed known to be a mecca for great surgeons.  While you are waiting to hear answers from Community Members, you can always use our Find a Doctor feature to research prospective surgeons in both LA and NY.  Good luck!

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Dr. Antell on Park Ave in NYC is amazing! I am extremely happy with the results of the upper and lower eyelid surgery he performed.
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