Is it worth it staying at a surgery aftercare center the night of your surgery?

  • Stacy in LBC
  • Long Beach, CA
  • 2 years ago

With everything I am having done (BL, BA, TT, lipo), my PS highly recommends I stay at a recovery center my first night post-op. I would love to but it costs and additional $900!! Is it worth it?  I have my MIL staying with me to take sole care of my toddler and my husband will tend to me.

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It is so worth it!!! :)
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I paid $600 for the overnight stay and would do it again in a heartbeat. My husband stayed too and it was wonderful having two people to help me up etc. Plus you read about some of the gals getting sick after surgery and that would be awful without the extra help and access to medications to relieve it.
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Thanks for your comment! I decided to stay one night at the aftercare center. I was able to reserve a basic room without a bathroom (down the hall) for $795. Not sure if my husband will stay with me. I will leave that up to him. I think this decision was best. :)
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This is a great question! I think most ladies go right home the same day, but if you can swing it, I'm sure the aftercare would be very comforting and helpful. Hopefully some others will chime in on their experiences.

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